Cine TV Contest #25 - Favorite Getaway/Vacation Movie

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Favorite Vacation movie.

Ref: Pixabay.

This was the easiest post to make yet as there was only one option for the post. I might even watch it again now that it's popped into my head.

This is an absolute classic from the era of teen angst movies that was the 90's.

And also one of my favorite movies of all time.


Ref: Movie rankings.

This had everything that you could ask for in a quality vacation movie.

  • Multiple locations.


  • Love story.


  • Nice group of travelers.


  • Culture.


  • Beaches


  • Music - One of the greatest movie original songs ever created.

These were great movies back in college.
They were a genre of their own but these gross out comedies had real story lines and humor to go with the obvious sex, beer and partying required.

I loved the scenes with the dancing robot, the perv on the train, the hooligans in Paris. It just kept going all through out the movie. Little details like Absinthe which is illegal over here for it's high alcohol content but we always brough back from Europe. 90% Proof but while it did get us messed up never made us hallucinate. We tried enough times.

It just had a great storyline and a laugh all the way through the movie.

Still one of my all time favorites.

Enter your favorite movie too.

The contest can be found at this link.

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