Weekly Roleplay - What is your favorite Adam Sandler role?

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Dave Buznik in Anger Management was my absolute favourite. A lot of his hurdles in his life I could relate to in my life. Mostly from confronting his fear of conflict. Always wanting to do the right thing, always walking the straight and narrow path, always taking the safe road. I loved his character very much.

"And she mooooaned like a wilderbeast" -- haha. Has to be my favourite quote of the whole film. Confronting and overcoming childhood trauma. I loved it.

Buddy Rydell was awesome. Always backing Dave into a corner so that he had to take action rather than just go the safe route. Film was a great comedy, and perhaps a lesson to some! (like it was for me) As I get older I appreciate their characters more and more.

I really think we should watch this movie as a group. It's a great cast ... clever writing etc. I Feel Pretty, Oh so pretty. I feel pretty, and witty, and gay. And I pity any girl who isn't me today. It's the height of clever writing combined with straight up potty humor. I swear this movie would convert any Sandler hater. Plus Jack Nicholson is in mostly dramas and he is really funny in this.

I posted today about the time I met Adam Sandler!
We are thinking alike!
I'm going to pick his recent movie Uncut Gems as a favorite. His acting has really matured and I thought that it was one of his best roles yet. Somehow you don't expect Adam in a crime thriller. The character he plays is a bit of an uncut gem.
It is not one of the best movies ever, but Adam does a great job of playing a New York City jeweler.


Yes! His acting chops really shine in this movie no pun intended. I think some of his best roles are more serious although there's only a few examples.

Mine too! Havent seen dark comedy like this one in ages!

Adam Sandler as Sonny Koufax in Big Daddy from 1999.
Easily one of his most underrated roles. I was very young when this movie came out, and I grew up without a father, he passed away when I was young. This movie is basically about a young boy that lost his mother and never had a father. Sonny (Adam Sandler) steps up and grows a special bond with the boy. This is a movie about fatherhood and parents in general. My father also adopted my siblings and so I felt like a cool connection to Sonny since my father did a similar action by being there for a child that was not biologically his. There's a lot of reasons why this is my favorite but yeah... Fatherlessness is really a big problem in society nowadays. Trust me, I know lol.

Its such a wholesome movie man. And it's not cheesy. It's just a really fun movie. My son and I enjoy watching it nowadays :) This movie has now been passed down. This movie means a lot man. This film will easily stand the test of time.

My son and I CRACK UP at this scene every time.

So many iconic scenes in this movie.

I actually saw this movie in the theater. Some people act like it's the worst movie ever, but it's pretty funny.

my favorite scene is the rollerblader running over the giant stick.

Wow that's cool, I was like 4 when this came out lol, those who think it's actually the worst, have no soul in my opinion lol it is funny! I was very tempted to add that clip, but I didn't want to spam, my boy LOVES that scene too as do I. I can hear him laughing now. It's trippy to see him enjoying the same movie that I did at his age lol. Great idea post idea man!

Happy Gilmore is at the top of the list for me. He has gentle love for his grandma but goes ape shit and gets in a fight with Bob Barker

The Cobble is another great one. Pinchas Simkin is his name and fixing shoes is his game. With his magic sewing machine.

One of my favorite actors of all time!! From perverted to kid friendly he covers it all.


Adam Sandler as Davey Stone in Eight Crazy Nights.

I'm in it solely for the musical.


Good call. Adam is a great comedy songwriter.

Only one ? Tough !
Happy Gilmore and The longest yard could be very well on my top spot but I will say "Don't mess with the Zohan".
The level of craziness and nonsense is over the roof, love that :)


I've never seen this movie. I might check it out! Thanks.


I am a huge fan of cameo appearances in movies. The comedy movie Dirty Work is full of great cameos. Don Rickles has a famously funny scene in this movie. Chevy chase is insanely funny as Artie Lange's doctor who has trouble with bookies. But the funniest scene of the movie is by far whenNorm Macdonald accidentally eats pot brownies laced with hallucinogens. Adam Sandler is the devil and Gary Coleman is sitting in the car with him. Gary Coleman just reads the newspaper and laughs. He says one line "Whatchu talking about Satan?" Which is a reference to the comedy cult classic Blazing Saddles. There are lots of loose references in this scene.


In the begining of this short drug scene [in hell] Adam Sandler is shaking back in forth in front of a rotating pig with a giant fork and knife. At first, his is saying these gibberish words. It's really fucking funny. It reminds me of a combination of all of Adam Sandlers "retarded" characters [billy madison ... water boy]. Then he starts chanting "We eat the pig together and then we all burn!"


This clut classic [Dirty Work] has lots of back stories and sure enough; I found some fun facts about this scene with Adam Sandler.

The role was first offered to Howard Stern: who turned it down.

The Satan role Adam Sandler played is uncredited.

This role was 2 years prior to the movie Little Nikey [where Adam plays the devil's son].

There is a [probably untrue] rumour Norm took drugs for this scene.

I have never ever seen this one, and I am an Adam Sandler megafan