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WoW Jungle Cruise what can I say? I love a great Disney movie and there a great viewing if you have young kids. You know they're going to be safe to watch and violence will be limited.

The Rock or Dwayne Johnson has been one of the best and most successful wrestlers to ever transition from wrestling to the big screen. His great in every movie he is in and is often big bucks for any title.

For this film, they definitely needed the Rock because it's quite blase and misses on so many levels. There are also a few additions that I understand why films are doing it now but I don't think it adds any value or extra punch to the film.


We first find our treasure hunter stealing a mythical arrow head that is supposed to be the key to a fountain of youth burried deep in the Amazon.

The Rock still maintains his strong character as he always does in his films. While the film includes a strong female lead and her brother also tags along. We can already tell within the first 5 minutes of the film his gay and we get an insight into what has driven him on his quest with his sister.


They're being pursued by Germans as the film is set in the early 1900s, of course it would only make sense in that time period otherwise you'd just fly a helicopter to the destination.

When we meet Frank played by the Rock his a tacky tour guide with awesome dad jokes. Fantastic by the way. But they drop them once they get into the film which is sad.

We then come to learn that the Rock isn't who he says he is and his a 400 year old cursed expedition solider who followed his best friend into the Amazon in search of the healing tree to heal his dieing daughter. Being saved themselves they turn on the villages who save them with the tree for not giving them the location.

The Rock saves the chiefs daughter but they're all cursed and the Rock spends an eternity being hunted and never allowed to be far away from the river.


He manages to trick his fellow companions and they are trapped for 300 years where the Rock lives a normal life trying to break his curse. Unable to do so he builds a town and becomes a tour guide living out his days until put heroine arrives with the spear head. Our journey begins and the film takes off.


Was it a good movie? It kind of has a George of the Jungle meets mummy feel and perhaps that's what Disney was going for.

They've just repackaged it and changed the story to be in the Amazon rather than Egypt and instead of the book of the dead they're looking for a tree. Even a similar occurance when at a certain time the tree comes back to life. For those whom have seen the mummy it is similar to when the ancient city becomes visible.

It has new age concepts meeting gender inclusions but I feel that was already done with Evie and her brother in the Mummy. The Rock plays a similar character to Brendan's character but ends up being one of the cursed people.

If you liked the mummy this is similar and either way it's a great watch. But we give it 3/5 stars.

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