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Just completed voting the contributors on #cinetalkies initiative. I am glad that we are getting a big support from the #pob whales like @interpretation and @teapassion.

Today is a special day and I have completed my target of 10000 CINE Power. Though there is no official richlist like it gets published on #pob by @interpretation, i am guessing that I would be on the first 20 rich account holders on #cine now.

Their votes are matter a lot. Its just one month back when I made the announcement of launching this initiative and to be honest the response is quite encouraging. On one day the total comments went off to touch all time high of 65.

That was a big number to begin with this initiative. I am hoping that some of the good contributors on the #pob and #leofinance platforms may also join in to make a good rewarding activity.
CINETalkies is now becoming known. @vickbuddy , @raymondspeaks, @wiseagent have already extended their support for this initiative. There are many others who are regularly contributing to this and are winning big fat #pob as well as #cine votes.

You can write about any movie that you recommend others to watch. Lets start the engagement on CINE.


A CINETalkies post will be created daily, and anyone can participate in the #cinetalkies initiative by simply commenting on this post. Try to interact in the comments with other users. Want to talk about a movie, but still don’t have enough data to post about? There are many topics getting discussed here like the IMDB 250 movies, favorite regional movies.
We can probably discuss our views on funding a small movies using the #cine tokens. Today's discussion topic is moving towards the used case of tokens in real life application. I am putting the comment to begin the discussion thread on the same.

Rewards are discretionary. Spammers are not welcome but if you really want to talk about a movie (whether english or a regional language), web-series, movies, channels, shows then this is the place.

Lets us boost overall comments and the same would not be in vein.

Thank you @raymondspeaks for encouraging this initiative.

Good luck to contributors for rewarding engagement.


In this chat session, let us discuss the used cases related to application of the tokens. One of the used case could be funding the small movie production spending the liquid cine tokens. I have not yet thought about the same how it can be done, but I am sure there is a mechanism to do so. Let us discuss about the same in this chat post.

On that note, how about using Cine tokens to pay for a Netflix / Amazon / Disney / Vue subscription. That would be cool.

I think the idea is brilliant but I believe the community owners @raymondspeaks or @themarkymark will have to take the initiative and integrate the same to make the payment method available on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I am not sure why and how will they agree to accept the payments in the #cine. There would be lot of technology development needed to do this.

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Thanks, vanillawow. You are right and I doubt the big companies would accept CINE as a payment directly but maybe a payment gateway that converts CINE->BTC->USD would be accepted.

I also did see some news article about Amazon ready to accept BTC payments but I haven't really looked into it yet. Hope it comes to fruition some day !PIZZA

The last media communication from Amazon stated that they are not really keen to accept the crypto currencies - you can read the report here -

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That would be awesome ! Even more if that was made by using HivePay ! !PIZZA

I am not very convinced about this idea. Assuming that I am producing a movie, first thing I will need is the investment to pay the star cast and crew members. Though, as a member of the community I might accept the #cine or #leo tokens, but my first challenge would be to pay my star cast or crew in the same currency. To pay them in this currency, they need to have accounts on #hive. I am not sure how many cine or movie stars work here. I dont think, the current token prices will justify this initiative. I think in the next ama session with @themarkymark we can ask him.

For sure, the tokens earned here would only be useful to add some $ to your already funded movie.

Or you would need to make a huge amount of well rewarded posts to be able to fund anything :')

Or it would need to be a small shooting and everyone is a volunteer and nobody wants that :')

But that could be something to improve to comfort on the set like having more food during the breaks, but it would need to sell the tokens :/ !PIZZA

You have raised the valid points and I feel we will have to on-board a number of film, movie and cine stars on this platform. Then probably they will need the tokens to reach out to the audience available on the #hive platform. I agree that the current prices may not justify the time they spend here.

This comment is self promotion I don't really know if that's allowed here, I understand if I need to delete it !

I'm going to start a ""project"" in few days. I wanna watch the whole filmography of an actor and make a post about each of the movies. I'm stupid enough because I choose an actor who's in the industry for more than 20 years so there's a lot of movies 😅

I don't really know if that could be interesting for people but I'm doing this because I really wanted to see that kind of content and I also wanted to watch the entire filmography of Ryan Reynolds.

Making that kind of challenge will make me discover some movies I could have never see and maybe make other people discover it and I would love to see the same thing with other actors to hear about movies that seem unbelievable.

It helps to find out new aspects of an actor we love. Like if we learned that an actor know only for humor made an horror movie, like Him Carrey with number 23 (which is excellent)

I'm going to release the announcement tomorrow or during the weekend and that's gonna take me a huge part of my Hive blog :') more than 50 movies for now :') !PIZZA

(CINETalkies is a really great idea)

This is a brilliant idea. I would be more than happy to support this idea. Even I would love to explore Ryan Reynolds and his other films. Let me know if we can do something together.

Thank you ! I don't know how you could help me but I'll think about it ! I'll get you in touch !PIZZA

Hello friends I'm new here, and as a movies lover, I hope I get to meet many like minded friends here.

@vikbuddy I already sight you.

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Many people are still unaware of Cinetv Tribe. We should keep spreading the word around. Bring All movie lovers form every community here, I am sure they will be glad to know about it. Moreover Cinetv should not just be limited to Movies and TV shows specific, How about Cinetv own a production house of itself. We could create and promote short films, cinematography and new artists on Hive Blockchain. Also what if Cinetv become official movie partner of Hive. Cinetv can make Short films for Hive Promotion and any other community can approach Cinetv for launching their official short films, just Imagine, Cinetv featuring Hive Films, Leo Films, Splinterlands Films etc. There is a world of possibilities out there and I think Cinetv is just getting started, Keep it up everyone. 😊👍

Now, this really sounds like an idea. Instead of running behind the big daddies if we can create the movies along with the other hive tribes, I feel it would be really easy to fund, create and distribute on the hive blockchain. This would be the perfect use case of the application of the hive tokens like #leo #stem and #pob too. No body on the #hive platform would say no to accepting rewards.

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