CINETalkies : Lets talk about Cinema (10/10/2021)

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Sunday is a funday. In the pre-pandemic era, people used to watch movies on Sundays. Now that has changed. We watch movies whenever we have time. So let us discuss the movies you have recently watched. CINETalkies is the initiative where you can come and discuss your thoughts on cinema and movies.
There are many others who are regularly contributing to this and are winning big fat #pob as well as #cine votes.

You can write about any movie that you recommend others to watch. Lets start the engagement on CINE.


A CINETalkies post will be created daily, and anyone can participate in the #cinetalkies initiative by simply commenting on this post. Try to interact in the comments with other users. Want to talk about a movie, but still don’t have enough data to post about?

Rewards are discretionary. Spammers are not welcome but if you really want to talk about a movie (whether english or a regional language), web-series, movies, channels, shows then this is the place.

Lets us boost overall comments and the same would not be in vein.

Thank you @raymondspeaks for encouraging this initiative.

Good luck to contributors for rewarding engagement.


Upcoming movies in 2021

I made the first step of my challenge which is "watching the whole filmography of ryan Reynolds "!

Get a look at this post to see the full schedule !

There will be a lot of movies to review so there will be a lot of posts ! I should start in the next days !


Love him, Dead pool in particular!

Yeah he's really great !!

I would certainly be watching this page for the links to your other posts. I have already liked the previous one. I am really loving here to interact with you.

Thank you again for that !!

I hope I'll have some interesting things to share 😅 !PIZZA

Hello Friends, Greetings 😊🙏

I watched Till Death yesterday night. Megan Fox is stunning. A short and Nice Story I would say, not much to expect but still few cool moments and wonderful location and I definitely enjoyed it
Check out the Trailer :


Interesting movies

Hey nice one doing this, would be good to have some kind of theme each day like Sci-fi films or movies with Brad Pitt in or something like that? Big up !PIZZA

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