CINETalkies : Lets talk about Cinema (10/1/2021)

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Lets start the engagement on CINE.

A CINETalkies post will be created daily, and anyone can participate in the #cinetalkies initiative by simply commenting on this post. Try to interact in the comments with other users. Want to talk about a movie, but still don’t have enough data to post about?

Rewards are discretionary. Spammers are not welcome but if you really want to talk about a movie (whether english or a regional language), web-series, movies, channels, shows then this is the place.

Lets us boost overall comments and the same would not be in vein.

Thank you @raymondspeaks for encouraging this initiative.

Good luck to contributors for rewarding engagement.


I'm just finishing watching Nine Perfect Strangers and... Wow! Such an insane / weird TV series, haha!

About movies, my last one was Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions. I'm gonna post my review very soon.

@interpretation just confirmed to support this initiative on #proofofbrain. Thank you for making it cross platform initiative. This would help the users to get rewarded in two tokens now.

I am also supporting #pobtalk and I reward many of the contributors with 100% vote. I would like to first see the engagement for few weeks and then I guess I can also add the reports of these activities in my weekly community performance.

There are different video streaming apps in the various parts of the world. Let us begin with the apps that you use to consume the Cinema/Movie content.
I use the Amazon Prime and Hotstar to watch movies. I tried Netflix but its way expensive in my country.

This is quite interesting thread. There are many live streaming apps which are fee. I use the Kanopy app. May be you can find some interesting stuff if you are a student or a librarian.

I am based out of India and we have many apps for live streaming content

  • youtube
  • voot
  • mx player
  • zee5
  • netflix
  • amazon prime
  • hotstar
  • sony liv
    I was never using sony liv, but after watching the web series on Scam 1992 I started using it quite often. But Amazon Prime is best value for money

Why dont you tell us something about Scam 1992. What is the story of the scam ? Who perpetrated this ?

I am bucked up to post on Cine on daily basis now. There is lot of stuff to write and share in this domain.

Lets make this a good beginning. #cine is one of the most interesting communities on hive earth. I watch cinema in theaters. After pandemic I tried netflix

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