CINETalkies : Lets talk about Cinema (10/14/2021)

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Just finished voting yesterday's engagement and comments. I am now sitting on 11000 CINE controlling close to 1% of the total outstanding coins.
CINETalkies is growing fast. It will take some more time before it crosses the engagement levels of #pobtalk or #leo market talk. However, the cinema and movies are far more acceptable topic than finance and the engagements would soon go up.
@interpretation , @raymondspeaks, @wiseagent have already extended their support for this initiative. There are many others who are regularly contributing to this and are winning big fat #pob as well as #cine votes.

You can write about any movie that you recommend others to watch. Lets start the engagement on CINE.


A CINETalkies post will be created daily, and anyone can participate in the #cinetalkies initiative by simply commenting on this post. Try to interact in the comments with other users. Want to talk about a movie, but still don’t have enough data to post about?

Rewards are discretionary. Spammers are not welcome but if you really want to talk about a movie (whether english or a regional language), web-series, movies, channels, shows then this is the place.

Lets us boost overall comments and the same would not be in vein.

Thank you @raymondspeaks for encouraging this initiative.

Good luck to contributors for rewarding engagement.


Good to see that you have already reached 11000 Cine. Congratulations. I was watching bellbottom movie based on the life of a Indian spy, who recognized the national security threats. Interesting movie.

If you are interested in Korean movies, please watch this trailer. It's a great compilation of Korean Movies.

Gratz on all the cine! Good work! My question to chat about today is what is your Favourite Wes Anderson film? love him

I would say Isle of Dogs.

Great film! Love them all!

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The director of Sinister is coming back with another horrific movie.

The Black Phone

I usually don't like that kind of movies but the trailer looks great (until you don't watch until the end because it seems to spoil everything).

Ethan Hawk is also in it and he's looking really great ! That's the first time I'm hype by an horror movie 😅


This one looks very good.

I'm gonna put it on my list.

What's up, folks!

My newest movie review is ON: