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Superhero that you admire

There are characters which play the role of larger than life. These are interesting characters like Spiderman, Superman or even Batman. In regional languages there are many others too. Lets write about these super heros.
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Whoa my favorite topic!!!

So there are two categories here. One is western where we have Marvel and DC and second is Anime where we have the Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia and One Punch Man.

In Marvel and DC my favorites are Iron Man and Batman. Iron Man due to Robert Downey Portrayal and Batman from Christian Bale trilogy. Epic are both the heroes and different from the rest.

In Anime we have the legendary Superhero who is the only fictional superhero to motivate Human beings, the one and only Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z. In recent times we also have a superheroes like Saitama from One Punch Man who is claimed to be most powerful hero in Anime world and secondly on the same lines we have Izuku Midoria (Deku) from My Hero Academia who is still in his 20s but with great power and responsibility.

Thor, Captain America, Superman, Batman Returns, Kick Ass, Avengers there are so many movies around this theme. I am really happy to share some of the english movies which I rarely watch out

Krrish was the first Indian superhero. Played by Rhitik Roshan, Krrish series was amazing to watch. You can also watch the trailer here

Krrish is pride of Indian Cinema when we talk about Superheroes. Krrish 3 was a big blockbuster and great movie. I am just waiting for Krrish 4. 😊👍

Psychokinesis released in the year 2018 is the best super hero movie in the korean language. You can watch the trailer of this movie here.

I think the superhero I like the most are now the anti hero. Just because I Like how sarcastic they are.

And two or them are DeadPool but most of all I think the Hero Saitama from the anime "One Punch Man" is probably my favorite !


I just love Marvel Superheroes, Avengers are so cool. I love them all. Thor and Captain America are definitely charismatic avatars everyone is fascinated about.
I also like Wonder Women and Aquaman.

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