CINETalkies : Lets talk about Cinema (11/25/2021)

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Fictional Cinema

There are some stories which are based on the fictions. Let us now start discussions around the fictional cinema. Jurassic Park is one such interesting cinema.
CINETalkies has now become the regular feature of the cinetv blog. @interpretation , @teapassion regularly support with their #pob votes. @vikbuddy, @hykss @ykretz regularly contribute on this forum. They are the real stars, without their support this initiative is silent.

You can write about any movie that you recommend others to watch. Lets start the engagement on CINE.


A CINETalkies post will be created daily, and anyone can participate in the #cinetalkies initiative by simply commenting on this post. Try to interact in the comments with other users. Want to talk about a movie, but still don’t have enough data to post about?

Rewards are discretionary. Spammers are not welcome but if you really want to talk about a movie (whether english or a regional language), web-series, movies, channels, shows then this is the place.

Lets us boost overall comments and the same would not be in vein.

Thank you @raymondspeaks for encouraging this initiative.

Good luck to contributors for rewarding engagement.


This has to be Mr India. One of the best sci fi movies in bollywood. Anil Kapoor was the biggest success of its times.

Yes I remember seeing Mr India like N number of times. It was such an entertaining movie. Mogambo character was even memorable. Today Amrish Puri has left the world but hos Mogambo is still remembered in this movie

Mogambo khus hua 😂😁 !lol

How long is one minute?
It depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on.

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There is a whole Marvel Universe with Fiction movies and even DC Universe. But one can find real fiction in Animes like Full Metal Alchemist, Code Geass, Demon Slayer, Hunter X Hunter and many more

Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Harry Potter series, X Men series are some quite all time favorite fiction Cinema.
How can we Forget, everyone's favourite, Game of Thrones 😉😁

And Power.

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