"Being the Ricardos", a new film about another successful Cuban in the USA of the last century.

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On December 21, the film "Being the Ricardos" about the Cuban named Desiderio Alberto Arnaz and Acha III, better known as Desi Arnaz, is released. The film will focus primarily on his relationship with his wife Lucille Ball and will star Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem.

This is the trailer for the movie that will premiere on Amazon Prime for now.

Desi Arnaz was a musician, producer, and actor. He and his wife revolutionized television in the United States in the early 1950s with the series "I love Lucy." This series ended up becoming a reference on American TV despite initial prejudices due to the appearance and accent of Desi, definitely Latino. It was thought that the American public was not going to like it but it was the opposite.

It was the first time that the 35 MM format was used to film on TV, this format was only used for Cinema until that moment. There was a live audience and several cameras were used in the recordings. "Friends" and "The Big Bang Theory", to name a few famous series, would be very different if "I love Lucy" had never aired in the first place.

But not only this did Desi Arnaz, also together with his wife Lucille Ball they created a production company called "Desilu Productions" which became the second largest TV production company in the entire USA. Among his productions I can name one that I'm sure everyone knows "Star Trek: The Original Series" 🖖. "Desilu Productions" was sold in 1968, became the television production arm of Paramount Pictures and was renamed Paramount Television.

I imagine everyone remembers the song in the movie "La mascara" called "The Cuban Pete". It was originally launched to fame by Desi in the series "I love Lucy".

And to finish, talking a little about the film that will be released soon, something that I cannot explain is why they chose a Spanish actor to play a Cuban character, there being so many good Cuban actors living in the United States, but hey 😅 there is not much left to do. It only remains to wait for the premiere on December 21 and see the final result. I hope is good.


Es tema de dinero, no vende igual Barden que un actor cubano. It is a matter of money, Barden does not sell the same as a Cuban actor.

oooh this is being tipped for the Oscars! Did you ever get to see the film? Sounds like you took quite an interest in Desi Arnaz...I must say quite fascinating stuff. i was completely unaware of the history, so thanks for sharing. I Love Lucy sounds familiar as a title but not something that I have ever watched. !PIZZA for a great write up. I'm as surprised as you that they didn't use a Cuban actor. I wonder if this would be deemed cultural appropriation these days, it's not always easy to tell?

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