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RE: Have You Seen BoJack Horseman?

in #cinetv5 months ago

Often times, when you finish an episode you'll just sit there, thinking about what the hell just happened.

I can't agree more than I do with this sentence ! This is terrible. I never was so much terrified by the automatic "next episode". Starting a new episode when everything you want is just, lie in a dark room and think about what just happened was terrifying when you have to see the consequences of what the characters did.

I rarely cry about anything, but an animated, speaking horse managed to do so on several occasions

Exactly the same. It's hard to see him trying his best to enhance his life, fix his mistakes and build a better life and failing most of his deeds.

I ma totally agreeing with everything you said, probably one of the best animated TV show ever.

I think that the fact the show can seem stupid at first, with too much jokes, simple animation and animal people really makes all that feelings stronger. There is a huge contrast between smooth moment when you're laughing and just following the story and the moments which are getting hard, with a lot of pain, questions and darkness.

I would even say that the 9.9 is not enough 😅

I love you're post ! I would probably watch it again someday !


Thanks for the amazing feedback! I'll certainly watch it again eventually! It's too fresh yet, but in like 2-3 years I'll binge it all again ;-)