The Pedal Movie - All the gear and a great idea

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I do love a good music documentary and it can be about the history of gear as well as musicians. I heard about this one on Chasing Tone from Wampler effects. Brian Wampler makes a few appearances.

This documentary tells the story of how early innovators came up with effects that inspired musicians to explore new sounds. Some originated with faulty equipment causing distortion, but it became part of music. It traces how various early companies developed with some becoming massive and then the rise of 'boutique' pedal companies in recent years who keep the innovation going whilst engaging more with the players. There is a section at the end that talks to and about some the women who are part of this industry which is mostly white males. I think it is important to embrace diversity.

There are interviews with loads of pedal builders and players with lots of demonstrations. There is just so much to take in and I really enjoyed it all. Top players such as Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Billy Corgan talk passionately about these little metal boxes. I think that passion is a big part of what makes the movie so entertaining. It is not all dry talk of transistors and capacitors.

It does make me want more effects for my colleciton. I just have a few, but there is still more to explore with those. Of course playing technique is vital, but sounds can inspire you.

I rented this movie on Google and it is available on some other platforms.

Rock on!


Thank you for share in #Musicforlife, your quality content. !LUV
I like innovation in music 👍

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Awesome! I heard that this was being made but I still havent seen it!

Paul Gilbert is one of the guys who got me into guitar pedals and also one of my favorite players! I really got to check this one out!

You should. Paul is such an enthusiast about music and gear. I'm sure you will enjoy the movie.


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BTW There's lots of bonus stuff on the Reverb Youtube channel

Good to know! I'll make sure to check it out

I'll have to check this out. I've listened to Chasing Tone on and off. Brian is pretty full on to listen to.

I still haven't seen this, thanks for reminding me.

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