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LOCK DOWN is a movie I enjoyed watching recently. I have no doubt that it has happened many times over in real life. It was written and directed by Moses Inwang, which he released in May 2021.

The story is a play back on what can happen and must have happened during the covid -19 period in different hospitals..

It started with a man (josh2funny) who played a game and there was an announcement over the radio that he won 10M naira. He was so joyous and dancing with his poor father (Charles Awurum). During the process, he cut his hand with the rolling fan. So he needed to go treat it at a nearby chemist. However, the chemist directed him to go to the hospital for treatment.

On another scene was a man who arrived the country, he was picked by a driver but on the way to the hotel, he started sneezing and feeling unwell. He asked the driver to take him to the hospital.

There was this young lady, (In Dima-Okojie) I was unhappy with her, haha. She went for an interview but forgot to get a medical report. She didn't wait to be interviewed and asked to get it later, but she left the interview venue for the hospital to go run the test and get the medical fitness certificate.

There comes the scene of a couple getting married on that same day. The bride and her family are already expecting the groom at the court. But on his way to the court, he and his friend ran into a girl lying on the road, hit and left for dead by a hit-and-run driver. He offered to carry the girl into his car and take her to the hospital, since she was still breathing. But his friend refused, telling him that police case would be involved and his was late for his wedding. But he insisted and picked the girl to the hospital.

All these people in the scenes described above are heading to one and same hospital.

At that hospital was a pregnant lady in labour pains, who was abandoned by her husband. He was busy with another girl, although he later got back his senses and ran in search of his wife.

There at the hospital also was a nurse who has an exam to write. She begged another nurse (Chioma Akpotha) to cover for her. But the nurse offered to do it if only she would pay her the sum of 10k. Finally they both agreed and the lady made an advance payment of 5k and left.

Another man, (Tony Umez) a delivery man was asked to go to that same hospital to deliver a package in person to the Doctor on duty.

All these people met in that same hospital. While they were all waiting to be attended to, the visitor from the airport landed at the hospital. His situation had gone worse, he was already sneezing and coughing out blood. Immediately he was tested and it was found that he had a virus. That virus is transferrable and as such, the Doctor (Omotola Jalade Ekeinde) ordered that the hospital be locked down, everyone present in the hospital will be isolated for three weeks (that's the incubation period for the disease. After 21days they will all be tested and any one who tested negative to the virus would go home.
They were all in a wrong place at the wrong time

The ending was not completely perfect, the greedy nurse who stayed back at work just for money lost her life. The groom was dumped by his fiancee, although he found love in the arms of the job applicant.The delivery man lost his life. Both the stranger and his driver died.

The good side is that the job applicant got back the opportunity to be interviewed, the man who won 10M still had his 10M in tact, the pregnant lady gave birth and got reunited with her husband who risked getting the virus and came into the hospital despite the lockdown.The Doctor who had a fight with the visitor survived. She was negative.

Very inspiring. It opens my eyes to what Doctors face at the hospital and makes me appreciate them the more.


It reminds me of how many of these health workers have lost their lives trying to save and serve humanity. It helps me see that I shouldn't go into the hospital anymore without a face mask, even after covid-19.

I relate most with the bride. On one hand, I empathize with her. It was her wedding. Her family and friends are all dressed up and waiting. Only for her to get the news that her fiance won't be coming, he has been locked down in a hospital, while trying to help a dying child and he is not going to come out from there until after 21 days. Who knows if he would come out alive!
On the other hand, she was quick to dump the groom. She should have put herself in the man's shoes. It was a helpless situation. She should have waited for 21days to see the outcome. Now after 21days, her fiance came out alive but definitely no longer available for her. That's crazy. If only she had explained everything to everyone and people would understand! But how about the food? I really do empathize with this character.


First, for the applicant, I wouldn't leave the interview venue for the medical test. I would bring it next time or at least next day.

For the bride, I would show understanding. My own wedding was shifted a week to the wedding for reasons very cogent by my fiance's family and fixed again for three months later. I waited. Although I shed so many tears because people teased that I have been dumped. But I waited and three months later, it was held.

For the greedy nurse, I would advise the one writing exams to apply for leave. I can't stay back at the eleventh hour just for money, after working tireless for weeks without rest. I need my rest.

Another thing I see that I would have done differently if I was the writer of the film was that the Doctor who came in contact with the carrier of the virus was not putting her mask on throughout the film. Again those in isolation were put in the same room and without face mask. That was improper. They could have infected one another. But thank God some survived.

The title did. Lock Down.
I wanted to see what people felt during the lock down. I didn't read the story before watching, I never knew it was about what could have happened in the hospitals during that period of covid-19, I thought it was about the life of the people generally during the lock down, but I surely enjoyed watching it.

It is very real. During covid -19, a lot of people died because they came in contact with those who had covid-19. And I am sure it spread from just one individual who brought it into the country.

You can join in the contest here.

Thanks for mentally watching the movie with me, haha. Did you enjoy it? What's your opinion about the movie?

I appreciate your visit.

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