The Book of Boba Fett Episode 2 - The Tribes of Tatooine (with spoilers)

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Wow, what an episode! I was not quite sure, after the first episode, but the second episode is amazing!

Attention: The following contains spoilers on both episodes of The Book of Boba Fett as well, as The Return of the Jedi and other Star Wars shows and movies.

The story is again two-fold. The first part is playing on present day Tatooine, while the second part is still with the Tuskens - in the memory of Boba in the Bacta tank. He is using the tank to heal his wounds - most of them acquired probably inside the Sarlacc in "Return of the Jedi".

In the beginning it is shown, how Boba gets the information from the assassins - a member of the Order of the Night Wind - that tried to kill him in episode 1. The assassins tells him, that they were sent by the mayor of the town. But when Boba confronts the mayor, Mok Shaiz, he points to Garsa's Sanctuary, where Boba finds out, that the Hutts returned to Tatooine to claim Jabbas throne. Here Boba Fett is confronted with the Hutts and their "gladiator", but there is no fighting taking place.


Aftr that the longer part of the episode is dedicated to the past, when Boba Fett is fighting side on side with the Tuskens. After he killed the reptile that killed the Rodian (episode 1), he was accepted by the Tuskens to live with them. Boba trains to fight in melee fighting with one of the Tuskens and gets better over time. Then they get attacked by a hovertrain of the Pyke Syndicate.
Many Tuskens are killed and get burned later, which moves Boba to takes action and he promises to stop the train. He leaves for Tosche Station, where he kills and wounds Nikto miners and takes their speeder bikes. Bringing the bikes to the Tuskens he starts to train them, to show them how to attack the Pyke hovertrain.
They fight the Pykes and overwhelm them. But Boba let them leave commanding a tax paid to the Tuskens for traveling through their lands.


As a gift the Tusken leader offers a "gift" to Boba. A small lizard, that crawls into Bobas head through his nostrils and his vision becomes blurry. In his vision he sees different things from his past, and most likely the past of Tatooine. He fights a tree, which limbs tighten around Boba Fett. But he can free himself breaking a branch. When he returns to the Tusken village, he presents the stick.
He gets the cloths he also wears in The Mandalorian showw, when he is meeting Din Djarin.
Then he is getting the wooden branch, of which he builds on of the Tusken gaderffii weapon.

My Opinion

I really like this episode! It really shows how Boba developed living with the Tuskens and earned their respect. Earning the gaderffii he really "became" a Tusken - probably the highest honor that could be bestowed on him. Yes, it is also an easter egg, since he wears the cloths andddd fights with stick in the Mandalorian show, but there is so much more. Boba is fighting his way up and earns the Tuskens respect. From a prisoner to one their own. He helps them and is getting helped.
I think this also explains a lot of the actions Boba Fett is making later. This is probably the reason, why he wants to rule with respect.

So far the depiction of Boba is a very mature one. It is not the young Boba Fett, that is angry and mad on Mace Windu and wants to kill him at all cost. Boba Fett became a mature and wise man, who can be a good leader.

The character of Boba Fett is explained very well and the character building is really done in a great way!

I really love it and am excited to watch the next episode today!



This is a great piece on how BoBF made you feel, and frankly, I felt like a little kid in the theatre all over again watching it. I am loving the series so far.


Thanks for the support!
Yeah I am loving this show as well! It is really some great! Am really excited for what is still to come!

!gif thank you


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