The Book of Boba Fett Episode 3 - The Streets of Mos Espa (with spoilers)

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The next episode of the Book of Boba Fett has been launched.


It looks like we finish the story with the Tusken. Still some part of the episode is dedicated to the past and the Tusken storyline, but most of the episode is playing in the present.

The epsiode feature the difficult stand of Boba Fett, who has still not the power Jabba the Hutt had over Tatooine. He is neither respected nor feared by the people. Additionally the Hutt cousins did raise a claim for the throne and the next assassination attempt on Boba's life is performed.

The episode starts with some kind of briefing, before a merchant is coming to Boba to tell him, that he isn't respected by the people. He also demands, that Boba is taking action and taking care of some Cyborg gangs, that steal water from the merchant.

After some talk, Boba hires the gang and pays the debt to the merchant. The juveniles are put in his service as a start to Bobas army. And they are quite loyal to him.


There is an intermezzo scene where Boba is back to his memories, before the assassination attempt, when we find out that the Pyke Syndicate is refusing to pay tribute to the Tuskens, since they already paid to the Kintan Striders. And we get to know, that the Tusken tribe Boba lived with, get killed by the latter ones, who leave their symbol. The same symbol they left when they attacked the people and stole their water earlier in the show.

Boba gets harshly ripped out of his dream and the Bakta tank by Black Krrsantan, a Wookie gladiator, that works for the Hutts. He tries to assassin Boba Fett. After some fight scene - Boba attacks him with the Gaderffii stick, but is not able to win and almost gets killed by the Wookie, and then gets some help from the gang and Boba Fett's Gamorreans - Black Krrsantan falls through the trap door into the Rancor pit.

Boba then discusses with Fennec Shand what to do as a retaliation measure against the Hutts, when they cousins arrive at the front door of Boba's palace and offer him a rancor as a gift, as well as the advice to leave Tatooine, as they are doing. They fear that the Pyke Syndicate is taking over, "invited" by the Mayor.


Boba then is invited to the rancor. The trainer is telling some of the history of them and tells Boba Fett, that the rancor is bonding with the first human he sees. So Fett, who wants to ride the rancor, makes eye contact with the creature and pets him. Being interrupted by 8D8, who tells that the Mayor is unavailable for the next 20 days.

Boba and Fennec want to confront the Mayor, who isn't in the town hall anymore. A wild chase through the city of Mos Espa follows, where they are chasing the majordomo of the Mayor.

In the end it is revealed, that the Pykes come to Tatooine. They might be the "big bad" of the show, although their symbols leave place for some speculation. Is Crimson Dawn behind it? Are we seeing Qi'Ra again?
And is the rancor keeper to be trusted? I am not quite sure, whether he was just appeasing the rancor, when Boba left or he is actually aggressive and wants to assassinate Boba as well. It wouldn't be the first time, and I am not sure, whether the Hutts can be trusted.

But we will see. With the next episode we're getting to the half time of the season - or show, if they aren't doing a second (and following) season(s).
I would definitely love to see some more of Boba Fett - and it would give them enough time to build up characters and a story line without rushing through everything.



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