The Book of Boba Fett - From the Desert comes a Stranger, Ep. 6 (with Spoilers)

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Wow! Wow! Wow! If you haven't seen Episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett and are a Star Wars fan - please stop reading here!

Really, this will contain spoilers. Big spoilers.

This was probably the best I've seen from Star Wars in ages. It was a phenomenal Star Wars show episode - not so much a very good episode for Boba Fett. But to be honest, I don't mind too much. Yes, I would have like to see more of Boba Fett and how he is a gangster boss. How he is being like the Godfather or a street killer. I would have loved to see him as a real bad guy. But so far, we haven't - and that's alright. At least alright for me. I know other people who think that Boba Fett was destroyed.

Nevertheless, this episode has build up a lot!


The Plot

It starts with Cobb Vanth, who is Marshal of Mos Pelgo, now Freetown. He confronts some Pykes who trade spice, showing them that he is the marshal of Mos Pelgo, and tells them to leave and walk away peacefully. Since they don't want to and try to attack Vanth he shoots down three of the four Pykes and giving the last one the chance to surrender. He tells him to leave the chest behind, while he could take the credits with him. They should never come back to Mos Pelgo or he is going to kill them. After the Pyke left with the credits he opens the chest and with a tip of his foot pulls it over, letting the spice flow in the sand and being carried away by the wind.

  • This was a strong entry. A classic Western episode - or in this case Space-Western. The gangster who trade in the desert, the sheriff who confronts them, the blaster duell. Vanth isn't interested in money, drugs or anything hte like. He wants his people save, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen. He is the first badass character the is shown this episode.

We continue with Din Djarin who wanted to travel to Grogu to give him chain mail, but actually is really missing his son and wants to see him. He is welcomed by R2-D2, which he calls friend and tells him, that he would like to see Luke and Grogu. R2-D2 leas the Mandalorian through the forest. A stone is lifted, like when Luke was training with Yoda on Dagobah, but it is shown that it is just an ant droid lifting a rock to build a stone house - one of the buildings that is part of Luke's Jedi Academy. After arriving R2-D2 shuts down leaving Din Djarin without any clue and waiting.

  • It is interesting how Mando's relation to droid's changed. In the beginning of The Mandalorian Season 1, he hated droid and wanted to kill them all - since they killed his parents. Now he calls R2-D2 "friend". And maybe the new life-action series can help to be a similar link and addition to the sequels as the The Clone Wars animated series was to the prequels - and help to fill up the plot holes and logical problems. After watching The Clone Wars I did like an appreciate the Prequels a lot more.


Parallel to the scene Luke and Grogu do some of their training. They are meditating, when Grogu pulls a frog with the force to eat it. Luke stops him last second, before showing him, hoe strong the force is, by making dozens of frogs fly, before letting them fall back into the water.
Grogu and Luke then take a walk, where Luke is levitating Grogu, who is neither able to move through the force, nor can keep up by natural (physical) walking. Luke references Yoda and tries to find out something about the "Yoda species".
Then Luke helps Grogu to remember - and we see a flash back to Order 66 and the Jedi Purge. Three Jedis defend Grogu, but are killed by the 501st Legion Clone troopers. Before they get to Grogu, the scene is ended.

  • The references to Luke's training are marvelous. And they continue beyond that scene. Some would call it fan service, but in my opinion it is essentiell. First, Luke never went to the Jedi Academy on Coursant or any other school and only have had the training with Yoda - so it is natural that he is training him the way, he was trained. Second, if Grogu becomes more important in the upcoming Star Wars projects, it is essentiell to show, how he developed. This is a main difference to e.g. Ray. This was critized a lot by many - so it is just right, that they show how Grogu developed. The reference to the episodes of The Mandalorian when Grogu was eating frogs is also important. It shows, that Grogu is still a child and not really far into his training - or still not remembering what he learned.

  • This small episode could really be important for the future. We know so little about the "Yoda species" and so does Luke - and probably most of the other characters. Luke trying to learn from Grogu could really help us to understand more about that species.

  • Another great detail: How did Grogu escape Order 66 and Coursant? What happened during that time. Of course it is not revealed yet, but this is a great teaser.

Alone from this episode there is so much that could be part of a "Tales of the Jedi" or other Grogu-Luke series, if not part of the coming "Ashoka" show or "Mandalorian" season 3. Are the theories true, that Mace Windu saved Grogu? What is so special about Grogu and the "Yoda species"? And how will Grogu develop? I see a lot of potential.
I hope that we don't have to wait too long for some of those details, but if it is going to be a "Grogu-Luke" series (e.g. Tales of the Jedi) we probably have to wait for quite some time.
And to be honest, I didn't see this whole episode coming. I expected this to happen the earliest in season 3 of The Mandalorian or maybe even later. To see the real Luke - wow that is amazing! Also Jedi are such a big part of Star Wars to me. Of course it is alright to have projects that play in a different time and around other subjects, but I love the Jedi.


Wow, compared to other episodes this one has so much content and euphoria triggered within me. We are not even not even at a third of the show right now.

The story continues with Din Djarin waking up when Ashoka Tano approaches him. She tells him tha she is a friend of the "family". They come to talk about the fact, that Ashoka refused to train Grogu, while Luke is. While Ashoka thought it would be to dangerous, she respects Luke's choice. R2-D2 and she are still "protecting" the training of Grogu - since he would be affected if Din Djarin would see him. The attachment would be difficult for Grogu and his training.

  • Another character I didn't expect to see return so early. It makes sense, since Dave Filoni was the director, but this was a very pleasant surprise. Ashoka is one of the characters I got to love a lot during Clone Wars. I can't wait to see her in her own series - probably searching for Esra and fighting Thrawn. Wow, that is also going to be amazing.
    Her talking about Vader is also great. Part of the family - wow. I see so much potential.

  • Also the difference between Ashokas decision not to train Grogu and Luke's decision to do so is potentially a big thing. Are we seeing the beginning of Darth Grogu?

Ashoka and Din take a walk through the Bamboo forest until they reach the place where Grogu and Luke are doing there training. Din wants to give Grogu the beskar chain mail, when Ashoka asks him, whether he is doing it for Grogu or himself. Also when Din tells, that it is Grogu's right as a foundling to get the beskar armor, Ashoka replies, that he might be a padawan now. Din then agrees to let Ashoka deliver the armor to Grogu. He asks Ashoka to protect Grogu.

  • It is clear, that the father-son relationship between Din and Grogu also affects Din a lot and his motivation is probably also to see Grogu. This is explained by the difference of Mandalorian and Jedi Creed. While Mandalorians support each other and form family, Jedi should get rid of all emotions and attachments. In the end, Din does what is right - at least in the situation. Since he wants Grogu to become a Jedi, he is willing to let go his one wishes for the "great good".


We then come to the part where the Jedi training starts. Luke is carring Grogu in a bagpack, before he asks him to do some jumping with the force. Grogu tries, but the result is not the expected one. Luke then shows Grogu what is possible with the force and climbs some bamboo, that shouldn't be able to carry the two of them. He tells him, that Grogu will find balance through the force.
Back to jumping training - after a short episode, where Grogu gets fascinated by Luke training with his light saber - Luke introduces the training remote. Grogu rolls it, thinking it is a ball. Then Luke turns the remote on with the force and it fires right before Grogu. The little padawan then is evading the remotes laser beams, while jumping from stone to stone in the river.
Luke is watching him, when Ashokas joins. Grogu crashes the remote with the force - and is praised by Luke for being a good student. Ashoka compliments Luke for being a good teacher, but Luke tells that it is not his training, but Grogu remembering his old training, that is making this progress.

  • So many references to the training that Luke got from Yoda! This was kind of fan service - but it was an amazing one. Luke is now the master, while Grogu is the student. It is great to see, how he developed and become a Jedi master - and it is also natural, that he is teaching the same way his teacher did, since he probably didn't have a lot other masters. "Do or do not. There is no try." The famous phrase of Yoda is referenced.
    Also the training remote is one that we already know from Luke's training. And Grogu playing with it references him playing with the ball from the Razor Crest.
  • Referencing Grogu's old training is interesting. This could open the road to explore what happened to Grogu during his time on Coursant before the Jedi Purge during Order 66. I am really excited!

Luke notes that the Mandalorian was here and Ashoka says that they share a strong bond. She then gives Luke the gift. This leaves Luke with doubts whether Grogu is committed to become a Jedi and live the Jedi Creed. Then Ashoka tells, that Luke is like his father.

  • Two big things in this short sequence: Again there is the difference between Jedi and Mandalorian and their respective creeds. And then there is the mentioning of Anakin. So far Luke and Ashoka haven't taked a lot about Anakin, although both of them share a strong connection to the deceased Jedi and former Sith. Does Ashoka know, that Darth Vader rejected the dark side before he died and got redeemed? It would be so interesting to see, how the two of them talk about Anakin. Maybe not enough for a whole series - but maybe during Mandalorian season 3?


Din Djarin gets back to Tatooine and lands in the hangars of Boba Fett, where he is welcomed by a Gamorrean. They have a briefing and Fennec tells them about the mobilization of the Pyke Syndicate. Shand says that with Din Djarin and Krrsantan they have enough experienced muscle. Din offers to recruit more allies and is on the way to Mos Pelgo.
There he asks Cobb Vanth and the people of Mos Pelgo - now Freetown - to help them to fight against the Pyke's. First Vanth refuses, since the people didn't want to fight since they have taken down the crayt dragon.
It looks like the Mandalorian is not successful, until Vanth asks to gather everyone, since he wants to tell them something, that could change their mind. The Mandalorian leaves with his N-1-starfighter.

  • The first time that Boba Fett is shown in quite some time. This is probably the major problem with this and the last episode: It should be more about Boba Fett.
  • Din Djarin and Krrsantan are enough to stop the whole Syndicate? Really? Since when is the Mandalorian strong enough to stop a whole Syndicate? And the wookie got stopped by a few mods and Fennec Shand. Not even Luke could win against the Syndicate - or at least other Jedi masters couldn't win against bigger numbers of opponents. Yes, maybe the two of them have th experience to lead troops, but those few guys, could never win against the Syndicate in my opinion.
  • Showing the head of the crayt dragon before taking about the people who helped killing it, is a nice reference.


The next scene is probably the best western season in this episode and a full reference to all those great western movies

A stranger appears from far in the desert and Cobb Vanth moves out to confront him. He senses trouble so he asks the people to evacuate. The stranger offers Vanth that if they stay out of the conflict, they will be paid more than Boba Fett pays them. They starting a word fight in typical Western movie fashion. It is revealed, that the stranger is the infamous bounty hunter Cad Bane. He accuses Fett, that he was working with the Empire, so he is not to be trusted and he is a cold blooded killer. Vanth tells that they want the violence and the Pykes to go away.
Then a gun fight starts and Bane shoots Vanth and then guns down the Deputy.
Bane leaves telling that Tatooine belongs to the Syndicate. The people of Freetown gather around Cobb Vanth.

The next scene is a short one, where two Pykes enter Garsa Fwip's Sanctuary cantina and leave a bomb disguised as Camtono, that detonates after they left.

  • The Western scene is epic. Also the first live-action appearance of Cad Bane is much appreciated. He is defintely a badass character and it is great that he now is part of the show. Really excited for how long we will see him. Since it is not shown, that Cobb Vanth is death, there is the chance that he survived - while the Deputy is clearly death. It is interesting that nobody cares about him.
  • With the explosion in the cantina the war begins. This was, what I expected from The Book of Boba Fett. Acts of war, gang violence, etc. I am not disappointed with what we got, but this is going to be epic next week! Finally we get to the war with the Pykes.


The final scene of the episode shows Luke and Grogu. Luke offers Grogu two gifts of which he has to choose one. The first being the beskar chain mail, that Din Djarin gave him, the second being the light saber of Master Yoda. With the chain mail Grogu would leave the training and probably go back to Din Djarin becoming a Mandalorian fighter. While choosing the light saber, he coul become a Jedi, but probably wouldn't see Din Djarin again and had to let go of his attachments.

  • This was a heart-breaking scene. Grogu has to choose whether he wants to become what he is destined for, or what he wants to. I am pretty sure, that we are not going to see the solution to this anytime soon. But I was wrong before - so maybe the finale will reveal what Grogu choosed. I think this could be a nice post credit scene, but you never know what they do. This is definitely going to be a major game changer to the story. It is likely that Grogu is going to choose the chain mail, since Kylo Ren was the first student in the academy. This would explain why they never met and why Grogu was not mentioned in the sequels. But it would be possible, that he becomes a Jedi. I still cannot imagine, that there will be a lasting separation between father and son.

Closing comments

As you can see from my review and comments, I am completely in love with this episode - and it was definitely my favorite episode of The Book of Boba Fett so far. It also was one of the best cinematic experiences from Star Wars in recent time, although I really liked The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch.
It is a bit sad, that Boba Fett didn't get more screen time, but that is probably the only thing I can complain about. Other than that, this was a straight 10/10. I am looking forward to the last episode of season 1 - and I expect that there is going to be continuation. Maybe the story of Boba Fett will continue in other shows, but I could definitely see a The Book of Boba Fett season 2. Still there is a lot more to be told about the past of this infamous Bounty Hunter, but also his future. Or are they going to be killed by the Pykes? I don't think that this is an option - it is no Game of Thrones.

But this episode made me really burning for more Star Wars content. The "Mandoverse" just started - or whatever they will call that new connected franchise of connected series around the Mandalorian, Boba Fett and Ashoka Tano. I am excited if and if so, how Andor and The Obi-Wan Kenobi series fit into those stories. Both play in a different time - so probably there won't be a bigger connection. But there is definitely going to be connections between Ashoka , Mandalorian season 3 and maybe also The Bad Batch season 2.

This is by far my longest review (3154 words) and it took me really longer than expected. So you'll had to wait until today. The finale is already out, but since I wanted to finish this before watching the last episode I haven't seen it. And now I am off to work and am not going to see it until tonight.



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One of the best episodes of the Mandalorian ever...wait was this Book of Bobba? Great post and !1UP from us!

It really was an amazing Mandalorian episode ;-) Since this is all the same storyline, I don't mind. As long as it is interesting and good.

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Saw the last chapter yesterday with my son. MEGA! Cool to see the Mandalorian and Grogu again.

Yeah, I did also watch it after work! It was really an amazing finale!
Thanks for your support!

Have a wonderful day!


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