[CineTV Contest: Memories] Mrs. Doubtfire memories of a comedy from my childhood.

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When I was a child, my mom used to take us to the video club in the town on Friday afternoons after work and school, to rent movies for the weekend. I remember we all in my family would select our own movies, my sisters and I would choose animated movies and my parents action and suspense movies. It was also common to rent a family movie to enjoy together.


One weekend Mrs. Doubtfire tape came to our hands, a family comedy where the main character is Daniel, played by the great Robin Williams, who shows us how difficult it is for him as a father to accept the transition of divorce away from his children and how he must start a life of responsibilities to which he is not used to, so to be close to his children he decides to impersonate an older woman who will be the nanny of his children.

I remember we watched this movie 3 times before returning it to the video club and it became the favorite movie of my family. After all this time I have watched it so many times that I know many of the lines by heart.

At the time I watched it, I thought Miranda, played by the very first actress Sally Field, who is Daniel's wife, was behaving selfishly for deciding to divorce Daniel overnight like that. Over time as an adult I understood that it was not easy for this character to have to deal with the antics of her 3 children and also those of her husband, the burden became so big that the woman came to feel that she had 4 children and that all the responsibilities fell on her shoulders, since her husband could not even keep a steady job, Daniel was a voice actor.

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When Daniel disguises himself as Mrs. Doubtfire, it seems that his plan is perfect. His brother, who is a professional makeup artist, gives him a spectacular makeover that fools Miranda, who hires him to take care of the children and housekeeping.
The children at first complain and dislike their new nanny, but eventually learn to love her without imagining that she is their own father. Mrs. Doubtfire teaches them how to do their homework and housework.

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One of the things I find most amusing about this movie is how Daniel makes life miserable for Miranda's suitor, the handsome millionaire Stuart, who is played by Pierce Brosnan, Stuart can't even imagine that he is being sabotaged by the lovely Mrs. Doubtfire.


I find it hilarious when the 2 older children discover that the nanny is their father in disguise. It's really funny when the kids want to defend themselves thinking it's a male intruder. Daniel tells them it is him in a desperate attempt to spend more time together and they agree to keep the secret.

This excellent movie, besides having a cast that is one of my favorites has a little bit of everything: drama, adventure, life lessons and above all a lot of funny stuff that will make you laugh out loud.

The good thing is that all the characters end up with some lesson, but the one that I was able to grasp, personally, since I was a child is that in a family we all have to collaborate and have responsibilities so that the harmony and coexistence is pleasant.

I hope you like my participation and leave your comments if you saw the movie.


A very good movie, i love it :D

favorite of all favorites xD

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This is one of the best Robin Williams' performances.

Great comedy movie (witch a little touch of drama).

Yes, it was one of the movies that made me and many other fans love the career of this excellent actor.

thanks for stopping by. Best regards!