Things Fall Apart

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Quick question: what comes to your mind whenever you come across the phrase "Things Fall Apart" either in a drama or a book?
Yeah, your guess is right - the famous Chinua Achebe's novel about the pre-colonial life of the Igbo people of Nigeria. However, watching this American drama starring popular names such as 50 Cents (Curtis Jackson), Ray Liotta, etc., has supplemented this idea!
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Things Fall Apart is centred on Deon (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson), a college student blessed with speed and outstanding power. With his dream of being a professional NFL player been a match away from actualization, an unexpected event happened that made a naturally attainable dream unachievable. Realizing this is the end of his football career (and also a step closer to the end of his life), Deon decided to utilize the little time he has in uniting his family and creating a long-lasting memory in both family and friends. For the full gist, kindly look up the movie.
For my hive family, this is a victorious and emotional story that clearly demonstrates the uncertainties of life even at stages of the highest clarity. Hence I urge everyone to be open-minded and efficiently utilize our today with the hope of a better tomorrow.