Cinetv Contest: We're back with a new one!

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It's been a while since we last conducted official cinetv contests. Things have been slower than expected. But we are now doubling down and revamping everything. In that spirit, Cinetv Contest is hereby back, born anew!

And to celebrate the new birth, let's go back to our roots. To the cinéma that left us in awe when we were kids!


Contest 1: Movies that rocked your childhood!

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No matter what part of the world you were born in, your first exposure to films probably has been magical. I'm sure you still remember bits and pieces from the movies that left you thunderstruck! After all, how can you forget?

Some of the movies made you laugh in childlike exaltation, you couldn't wait to tell your school buddies about the amazing film you saw yesterday. Some made you tear up, you couldn't tell your mom why your eyes are swollen and why you were so moody and grumpy! Some movies scared you to death so much so you couldn't go to the bathroom without holding the hands of your parents, lest the monster grabs your ankle!

Many of those movies may seem silly now, but they are part of you. Elements that shaped your childhood, things that helped you grow up. To the world, they might or might not be silly, but you revere them high in your heart—you remember them as if they were shown to you yesterday. They are your treasure!

Now is the time to write about those movies! Write away, pour your hearts!

This contest is then, for you!

Winners and prizes

This contest will have 3 winners and 650 CINE in prizes. They will be distributed as follows.

  • 1ST Place — 300 CINE
  • 2ND Place — 200 CINE
  • 3RD Place — 150 CINE

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  • Publish your entry from our frontend or post to cinetv community if you prefer peakd, ecency or
  • The entries should be written in English for evaluation purposes (You can translate from your mother tongue if you want to.)
  • Entries should contain at least 350 words.
  • The post title should include CineTV Contest:. For example, CineTV Contest: Your Title Here.
  • Use #cinetvcontest among your tags.
  • Include a link to this post somewhere in your entry. So your friends can find this easily.
  • Put down a comment with the link of your entry on this post below.


  • The submission deadline is 9th February 2022, 11:59 PM, UTC time.

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Evaluation and Some Tips

  • You can use these prompts as a helping hand (purely optional) but you're free to go however you want.
    ► What you loved or hated about it.
    ► How it influenced you (and/or people around you).
    ► What part of it did you find most interesting.
    ► Any scene that still pops into your mind.
    ► Performance of the actors/actress that left an impression.
    ► Why do you think it's significant and great.

  • Posts containing only the plot will be disregarded.

  • You're free to include multiple movies in your entry.

  • There's no need to be mechanical. The intention of these contests is to discuss movies, interact with each other and generally have fun! Write with a free hand. We might overlook if you forget to do a step or two stated in the rules (except the first one).

  • We'll evaluate the posts based on the writing quality, title selection, sincerity, and faithfulness to the spirit of the contest.

Happy Writing then! Blog on!

The cover photo is edited in photoshop.

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This is a very interesting topic. You always remember your good old days with these movies of your childhood.

oh man, just reading about the contest conjured up fond memories about movies from my childhood!

This will definitely have some interesting entries by the sounds of it. Good luck everyone, I look forward to reading what you come up with.

Awesome contest, I'll write up a blog as soon as I have the time and inspiration to get the memories from deep down flowing over in my keyboard through my fingers.

Here's my entry to this.

Avengers Vs Superman

Here's my entry to the contest, hope you enjoy it!

@cinetv - my submission:

Thank You Very Much for allowing me to participate in another fun contest.

Hello, CineTv community!
This is my special movie that rocked my childhood..

Thank you very much for this opportunity, here is my entry for the contest -

Cool one I will share it on Twitter tonight, and maybe enter as well :)

Bring it on, guys. !1UP 🍄

lol, you beat me to it :)


Hey brother! Thank you so much for stopping by and showing your support for our beloved community!

You made it in time. ;)

Me right now

Cuenten con mi participación! 😎

Hello, the post must be just in english or we can use multilanguage? greetings

The final post needs to be in English for evaluation purposes. You can write it in your native language and then translate it.

This is my Entry with the best Disney movie ever! Don't @ me bro.

Here is my contribution to this contest:

I have to say this endeavor brought back some fond memories.

Hey @cinetv - thanks for the opportunity to walk down memory lane. Here's my post for this contest:

Pink Orange and Red Collage  Maximalist Kids and Toddlers Birthday Banner.jpg

Definitely entering this. I will try to have it posted Saturdays. Right now I am working on my post for tomorrow.

Hey, here's my entry into the competition:

Hopefully y'all enjoy :D

alright here is my entry to get these amazing contests kicked back off!!!

I have my entry for the contest !

american piectv.jpg

I hope this will be okay and you will like it ! I'm really happy to see those contests back ! !PIZZA


I am so glad I found this contest thanks to the post by @wolfofnostreet it was exciting writing about it
Here is my entry. Here is my entry for the contest hope you enjoy this show as much as I did

Hi guys! This is my post for the contest
I had so mucho fun doing it, thank you!

😊Hey there, this is my entry to the contest. Thank you!


Hi, hi Cinephiles. First time participating in this community and I enjoyed writing about my childhood favorite movie: The Parent Trap. My link

great! here's my entry it was a really nice topic!

also, this is my first time in this community sooo I'm excited, haha.

Woow I’d like to join next time!! Sounds a very fun contest!!

Great! Hoping to see you in the next one. :)

Hi, this is my entry for the contest:
Good luck to everyone 😊

I don't know if I'm on time but I'm still applying with this post:

Greetings and thanks for allowing us to participate in this contest.

You made it in time! No worries!

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Hello friends, when you say 300 Cines, what do you mean by 300 Hive? or is that another cryptocurrency and excuse my ignorance.

Yes cine is another cryptocurrency. It is built on the hive blockchain. There are a lot them, and they are popularly called layer 2 or hive engine tokens.

And where do you change?

You can check your balances and trade the using and

ok. thank you very much

Thank you so much @b0s for the excellent explanation. Yes, what he said...lolol You can also log into with you Hive credentials and see your CINE balance!

Happy to help 😊