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Would you like to witness what a father can do for his daughters?

I have a distant approach to biographies. When it comes to those in the sports world, my distance increases even more. It's not because I don't like watching movies or because I live a life away from sports. In order not to focus too much behind the scenes in biographies of people whose careers I already know. I can watch the journey of a champion on the way to the championship from the competitions. I didn't want to deal with the pre-competition background.


I watched King Richard, instead of a biography, to witness what a father does for his daughters and to share in the struggle. Glad I watched it!

The life designed and directed by a man who has made a career plan from the moment his daughters are born and who goes up the ladder of success by implementing his plans step by step, may seem boring from the outside.

But Richard and his wife raise their five daughters according to their talents to keep them off the streets of crime. While doing all this, he acts faithfully to the plan he has prepared for them.

I am a father and I have a daughter. I think that Richard and his family, who guided them to different branches and sports to protect their daughters from the streets full of crime, will set an example for many families with children. When you watch the movie King Richard, which was released in 2021, you can better understand that it has features that differ from a simple biography movie.


Contrary to the saying "Everything is permissible on the road to success", it is necessary to act in accordance with the pre-written career plan. Because the way to success is the support and dedication of the family.

Without further ado, let's take a look at who(s) the biography of King Richard is. I think you understood when I said the Williams sisters that the story took place on a court and was about tennis...and you also knew that the people in question were the Serena and Venus sisters.

Basketball has been my priority when it comes to watching sports competitions. Football comes right after, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in other sports branches. Years ago, I had the chance to watch some matches of Serena and Venus sisters live. I still remember the services of Venus. I resented him for not adding cruising pleasure to the game in direct service points. lol


While watching the movie, the kicks of Serena and Venus sisters, who work with her father, with their tennis rackets, are exactly the same as the real Serena and Venus sisters hitting the ball. I think those who had the chance to watch the brothers' tennis matches before will catch this little detail.

Creating opportunity in impossibilities is what Father Richard does best. He's too detail oriented and gets involved in everything. Even though I get angry sometimes while watching, I can understand her sensitivity about her daughters. And the feature that I like the most; her efforts to keep her daughters away from the dangers of the streets. While trying to design the best for her daughters, she trains them to be educated and good role models. He counsels them to be humble and put the family first, even when they succeed. Don't you think the Williams brothers have more than enough of these traits?

Give dad a kiss

This quote from the movie means a lot to me. When you become a father or mother, you lose all your priorities and your own life. From that moment on, everything becomes a top priority for the happiness and future of the person who will simply call you father or mother.

See you in my next article, all content belongs to me. @cute-cactus


I think you are a father like me lol! I feel that last paragraph too

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Thank you, I believe that the greatest wish of all responsible parents is the happiness and future of their children.


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