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What is this world suffering? It is either invaded by ALIENS, invaded by ZOMBIES, or an emerging VIRUS threatens all humanity.

Fortunately, for now, most of them go no further than inspiring great movies, and we have fun with stories that feature such scenarios in movies.

Lastly, I told you about the Pitch Black elephant that I watched 3 days ago. It was about the struggle against creatures on a planet in space.

Today, I wanted to watch a creature-themed movie again, and I chose The Silence. Unlike the movie 3 days ago, this time we are not on an unfamiliar planet in space. We are in the world we were born and live in. lol.


Creatures that will invade Earth must have a backstory. If they didn't suddenly come from outer space, where were they until now? This nice question has a good answer.

Creatures that have been living underground for thousands of years are disturbed by a group of speleologists and researchers, and unintentionally ensured that they come to the surface. And from that moment on, the cities of America and all the world are invaded by creatures.


In the movie, we witness the struggle against creatures through a family. As always, creatures have weaknesses. In the last creature-themed movie I watched, the weakness of the creatures was that they couldn't move in the light and died. In The Silence, however, the creatures cannot see, they are only sensitive to sound and can hear their victims by the sound they make.

I loved the creature-themed theme of the movie and I found the story of the creatures successful. But the progression and acting were lackluster and cast a shadow over the film. I was expecting this kind of horror movie to be presented more effectively because I really liked its plot. Despite everything, I keep the watchability rate of the movie high. It already gives hints that there will be a sequel by the end of it, because the movie has no end.


Creatures don't lose, humans don't. Everyone shares their own living space. In fact, even that might be enough to love the movie. Our inability as humans to leave a living space for other living things on earth loses its validity for the movie The Silence. Creatures make a living space for themselves. It should not be forgotten that in The Silence, creatures do not find people, but people find creatures.

While watching the 2019 movie The Silence, I saw the actor profile of the 1980s and 1990s. If I didn't have prior knowledge of the year of production, I could have made my own bet about the fact that the film belongs to the 1990s. I don't think those who like alien and sci-fi movies will be hung up on the little negatives. From this point of view, they may find the movie entertaining and have a good time. However, despite everything, you have to make your own decision about being watched or not, because the movie is not at the level that I would say you should watch it directly. Time is yours and you should value it!

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