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Hello, happy and blessed afternoon. One of my great loves on the big screen was Patrick Swayze. Wuao, he danced spectacular, he was beautiful, sensual, and had that sexapil that fascinated me. I particularly love to dance and I loved his performance in Dirty Dancing, a spectacular dancer. But, I went crazy for him when I saw him in Ghost, the shadow of a love, for me he was masterful. I was captivated by the interpretation of Sam, a person who dies untimely next to what he loved the most. When Molly takes him in her arms and he was a ghost. Everything he did to communicate with her, his great love. It was so great that they manage to merge into one.

Without words the scene where she turned the piece of pottery, and through the beautiful Ode, they make the connection between them, it is sublime, without words, as the two merged into one, that scene was emblematic, they managed to merge in such a way that it captivated me, I felt like I was with them. The love they had for each other is so great, something like yin and yang, one did not exist without the other. They have achieved such a rapport in such a beautiful way, so sublime that they managed to merge like gold to be conceived as a single piece, a single entity, they are soul mates.