Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy: Ice Cream vs Pizza

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Edgar Wright's comedy trilogy, Blood and Ice Cream, has long been on my personal top list of the best movies of all time and it would be funny if this talented screenwriter and director used pizza instead of a sweet treat. Especially since each of the films has its own, bright and distinct flavor.

Shaun of the Dead


The movie is about two nerdy buddies rescuing friends from the zombie apocalypse engulfing London, is definitely Margherita. Blood and ruthless zombies - like tomato paste, the theme of true male friendship - like light cheese and subtle, ironic humor - like basil leaves, complete the overall picture and make the taste truly unforgettable.

Hot Fuzz


A dynamic, thrilling, maximum explosive police action movie (with the best final shootout in movie history) without a doubt pepperoni. The spicy sausage brilliantly complements the nuclear action and unparalleled, sharp Guy Ritchie-style editing. The taut, melted cheese is like a leisurely and smooth detective component. Well, the spice and sauce are witty jokes and refrains to classic cop action movies. It's damn good!

The World's End


We watched this story of buddies having a beer marathon in the places of their youth and stumbling into a large-scale conspiracy with space aliens over pizza with chicken and pineapple. Just as extraordinary, layered and unusual. The chicken is like a strong fantasy element, the juicy pineapple is an elaborate joke and the main character's reluctance to grow up, and the parmesan and spices, add new, dramatic touches and turn the dish into something really interesting. In addition - pizza with chicken goes well with light Lager, which the heroes of the film consume liters :)

That's how delicious it turned out. The main thing is do not let the pizza cool:)

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For my wife and I the word 'cornetto' is synonymous with a monster hangover.


Some of my families fav films of all time, love them all....now lets go back to watching Spaced....!PIZZA

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