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At a point I wondered what happens after death. Biblical we have the eternal life but science has no answer to this. Todd Stein the man behind the story in the movie "Infinite" must have imagined life in a circle which involves reincarnation, probably to some set of personalities who had special genes or abilities. The movie infinite is an American movie produced in the year 2021.

  • Mark McCauley
  • Treadway
  • Barthurst
  • Ann


Death wasn't the end for some Mortals. They returned in another body with the memories of their past. Instead of learning new skills, they remembered what they've learnt in their last life. This ability to reincarnate was because of the existence of an egg which had been in hiding from those who seek to destroy it. Barthurst who had reincarnated a great numbers of times was tired of existing, he wanted to die a final death and the only way to achieve this was to destroy the egg.


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Barthurst initiated a dethroner, a bullet that had the ability to capture the soul of the Infinite (

people with the ability to reincarnate
) and lock it up into a computer system. He had killed Treadway, Ann and Andy while in pursuit of the egg, and only Treadway knew where the egg is hidden. Mark McCauley happened to be the body Treadway reincarnated into, everyone was desperate to know where treadway had hidden the egg. The question is, who will get mark McCauley first?.

Barthurst did, but before he could make him speak, Ann came in and took him from Barthurst. Prophecy holds that Mark McCauley would be the one to defeat Barthurst, so everyone was looking forward to him, but sometimes prophecy could be averted right? Or maybe not. The movie tried to imagine life in a cycle of reincarnation where men live forever, but then with a need to protect an entity which keeps it going from the hands of those who will one day wants an end and is tired of existing.

I challenge you to watch the movie Infinite and not be lured into believing in the ideology of reincarnation to be true.


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