Find the SCENE contest - 50 HBD prize!

in CineTV8 days ago

I am looking for a scene in a movie - And you are going to find it to me so you can win 50 HBD!

Here's everything I know about the scene.

Its in a hospital/doctor's setting. A latina doctor describes, in a spanish accent, what is going on with the patient. Barbara Streissand interprets this accent through a jewish accent, and understands the goofiest things through this double vowel shift. Hilarity ensues.

Maybe its not Barbara? I have the feeling its a Ben Stiller movie, but when I searched for it in "Little Fockers", I couldn't find it.

I have a strong urge to find this scene and analyze it since I wrote a recent post about language and how it shifts over time.


This is kind of a contest. The first one to find it wins, preferably in youtube watchable format (top prize), but also could be by identifying the movie (I will download it and check).

If multiple people participate in the finding of this, one with the correct movie and one with the youtube clip for example, I will try to split up the prize as appropriate. But this is not 'everyone with the right answer wins', its first winner gets the prize.

Here's a fun video of a blind vocal coach speaking in 12 different accents.

Previous Contest results

So I had another contest, and (almost) nobody showed up!

I got about the same amount of comments that I normally do saying, yeah let's do it. But the only one who did do it was @stortebeker !

Here is his winning post:

I like the double contest format, but it might be too complicated for the average user, or maybe it was just the holidays.

Either way, I have sent all the prizes to @stortebeker: 37 HSBI units!
And 13 units for @snook too because her contest won my double contest!


Todays contest will be giving out HBD instead of HIVE SBI units, let's see the results Cinephiles!

Freedom and Friendship


I won, I won everything!!! 🤓 Awesome, thank you!!!
Though for this contest I'm going to forfeit, since the description doesn't ring a bell at all, and I'm not much for searching movies I haven't seen. But good luck to everyone (contestants and contest creator alike)!

Does this ring a bell?
I'm trying to think if I recognize the scene you described and found this, check it out maybe it helps ;)

Someone has to have a god like abilities in movies to figure out the answer. Or, they have to have a right amount of coincidence. I will be reviewing this post to if there is a winner :)

Hopefully this is the right community for that!

It has to be :). Let's go cineTV people, where you at? Hive community's reputation is at risk here.

This movie sounds like The Physician (2013)

yeah i give up haha

Looks like it's from the Physician, but not sure.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 88 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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mouvie name is Little Fockers (2010)