Dynasty Warriors (2021)

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         A lot of you are familiar with Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Whether you read the novel or dove into the historical text themselves, it's a popular subject, especially in East Asia. Some of you may have even watched TV dramas based on the period. Its popularity led to the rise of games such as Dynasty Warriors.

         Dynasty Warriors (2021), which you can find on Netflix, tells the story of the way the game plays out. Pun intended, of course. It seemed like an excuse to use excessive CGIs and turn the film into a more wuxia experience. Just take a look at the trailer.

         Does it remind you of the game? Everything seems to be over the top, but it's probably the more faithful game adaptation I've ever seen. A lot of the scenes drew inspiration from the game series. Look at Yuan Shao's portrayal. You can't make this stuff up.

Yuan Shao in Dynasty Warriors 8

Yuan Shao in Dynasty Warriors (2021)

         Still not convinced? Here's a comparison made by a user on YouTube.

         The film even uses OSTs from the games. It screams, "we took the Three Kingdom experience and funneled it through one of its derivatives." Remember what I said about excessive CGIs?

         Yeah. That's the norm in most Three Kingdom TV dramas you've seen before. It might as well be the Chinese version of Gods of Olympus fighting.

         If you go on Rotten Tomatoes, you will see the ratings above. The critics don't like the film very much. The users have mixed reviews. Some people like this new take on the tale as old as time. Some people think it's a botched attempt to make a good adaptation. I bet they've never seen how bad Super Mario Bros was.

         Should you watch it? Only if you have played the Dynasty Warriors series before. You might appreciate it more when you notice the references to the game. Or, dive in, because it's a different take from what you might be used to in the past. You could also just enjoy the action.

         My reaction can be summed up like this:


This is pretty much just a movie to gobble up the the cash from the DW fans and those who are into special effects. I don't think there's much else besides that.


I am a video game nerd but I haven't played Dynasty Warriors. I feel bad that I haven't but I don't think I need to see the movie. :) Thanks!


It’s a good series.

I will definitely love to watch this movie

Do it!

Wasn't there an NES game based on this back in the day? I think it was a real time strategy game. I don't honestly remember. I just kind of remember renting it one time back when you could rent games like VHS tapes. Are you into the Marvel stuff at all? Did you watch Legend of the 10 Rings? I thought it was really well done.

Yes, Koei Tecmo does have a more RTS version that's literally named Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


I do like my Marvel lore and I have never watched the 10 Rings. Need to make time for those.

I have like pretty much all of the extra stuff they are doing on Disney+ so far. Some were better than others, but they are short enough that you can run through them pretty quickly. I wasn't sure about Loki, but it ended up being pretty good.

Yeah, I'm not subscribed to streaming services. So, I either find things elsewhere or simply pass.

romanticizing any part of history seems a bit narrow minded to say the least. Humankind's story is complex and somethimes difficult to grasp, but you have much more satisfaction when you understand a piece of it. Dumbing it down makes it more of a fairy tale

It’s entertainment. Get over it.

meh If people like that sort of stuff power to them. It explains why people are crap at understanding history though :))

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Hmm. I just checked it's not avaliable on Metflix in Korea =(


I hate to say it but I grew up playing Dynasty Warriors so I basically have no choice and will have to watch this movie just for nostalgia. Plus, it looks better than the usual garbage Netflix makes lol.

It's a CGI fest, but it is what it is.

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