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I am just speechless (not really) from something I watched today. It was a movie on Netflix called 'Don't Look Up'. I'm not entirely sure what is possessing me to write about it, because I'm sure it's not for everyone. I think what drew me to the film, was my own fascination with the stars and the great beyond. The title kind of got me too and one of my all time favorite movies - 'Inception' - lent Leonardo DiCaprio to the cast. This movie has laughs, drama, technical astronomical chatter, and plenty of cynicism. So, if you are in the mood for a darker apocalyptic satire with a little science fiction and even truth thrown in, then this should wet your pallet.

The Comet

The movie starts in a classroom at Michigan State University in an astronomy course. They were looking through a telescope and Kate (played by Jennifer Lawrence) sees a new comet and informs her professor, Dr. Minty (Leo). As they are doing some mathematical projections to discover its orbit, they realize it is on a collision course with Earth.

They ultimately get a meeting in the oval office shortly thereafter, where they meet the ditzy plastic president (Meryl Streep). She is more concerned with her popularity than really listening to what the scientists in the room are trying to tell her. As it progresses, they do finally heed them and set up a mission to intercept it by putting a racist general (Ron Perlman) at the helm. The mission is aborted as money steps in when a tech company's analysts discover precious resources within the comet.


Not giving away all the scandalous and funny parts, we'll fast forward nearer towards the end of this movie. I found some really interesting symbolic scenes and cinematography that makes me agree with this film getting so many nominations for awards.

One scene I really like, as people are finally coming to grips that this is an extinction level event, is a slow motion cut scene of a honey bee flapping its wings and it almost looks like it has a sad face and is staring directly into humanity's soul. I'm sure @solominer would agree, without the bees, we wouldn't even be here right now.

I also really like a short clip where this cell phone is getting smashed to pieces. Ironic that all the money in the world and all the 'supremely' advanced technology we claim to have, couldn't surmount much more than a scratch on the 'Hammer of God'.

In line with the greed of the controlling one percentile, is this profoundly iconic clip that slaps you with a religious backhand. They literally show a 'Golden Calf' plummeting to earth. I couldn't help but start cackling and actually slow clapped when I saw it.

My favorite part of the whole movie is something out of Lost World or name your favorite pioneering sci-fi show. The elite found a way off of the planet and put themselves in cryostasis as their ship searched for a suitable replacement habitat. Growing to hate the 'president' throughout the movie, her just desserts are absolutely delicious!

Go watch it. Of course, you'll have to carve out a few hours to do so, which was the only drawback, but I'm glad I took a breath and did. Highly entertaining and only furthers my notions that one should always cherish what they have. Also, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when I'm about to smash my own phone.

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this movie has got a lot of notice and comments from a wide range of people that I've seen. The reactions are interesting.

BTW, loved the position given to the prez's son in the movie who she then forgot to take with her when they made their escape.

at least the molly kicked in 😎

LMAO and that Twilight Zone reference being the last man alive? Awesome.

Just watched this movie tonight, weird af.

LMAO it does have some wtf in it😄

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I'm in a club for kids who love math.
We are called the Algebros.

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Okay, I'm sold... gonna give it a spin. :D Thx for the tip.

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Anytime man, probably way better than the new Matrix 😁

Dude.. that's a freakin documentary. :D The ending was superb, and well deserved. Scary to think this hits so close to our reality.

I wanna spank Meryl Streep's ass.🤣 Would you have gotten on the shuttle?

LMAO 😂 That would be a big no. I would much rather go out like Dr. Mindy & Fam. :D


Yes. I've seen the movie, which was pretty good.
I liked the fact how they showed how the media really works. Its fake and they only show you/ tell you what they are programed to tell you and anyone else who questions anything or try to tell the truth is a crazy person.

Media and people

Yes! That talk show was so on point.

I was wondering whether or not to go see this. I had been tempted but worried it might be shit. You have sold me! And not done too much in the way of spoiling so cheers!

Must see.

I like that the flow is not predictable, making us feel different, not quick plot twist what we are used to... Giving sensation to ansiaty for quick resolution, maybe due short 15s videos we have access now a days

Very good movie

Tried not and thank you, I believe with your sense of humor, you'll be laughing along with me too 😁

I think so!! Cheers man!


Hmmm! Not seen this Movie , I have seen "Don't Look NOW" many years ago! Kinda supernatural theme ....

∑ Anyway, enjoy some !WINE + !LOLZ

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The first time I got a universal remote control I thought to myself
This changes everything.

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Sutherland, good flic. Raised the bar on sex in the movies😎


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Criticism for our society, right with negacionism... Left with popular proposal, and people that just want to know about celebrities and drive look up.

Really like the movie. Remembered me Idiocracy movie.

LMAO - omg - Idiocracy was funny as all get out.

Never seen it gonna have to check it out

Long but doesn't lose interest, think you might like it😎

I just watched that yesterday it was a great movie

Hecks ya man. Cate Blanchett looks crazy good in it too 😝

Excellent synopsis of this great movie. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would! lol

Thank you so much for using the cine tag!!!!

Gotta support my brothers-in-arms out here 😁

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Thanks for the review, I'm definitely going to check this one out!

And thanks for the Pimpin' my post. You made a very true comment on it, and lots more to that story...

Anytime, maybe at some point, you could tell me the whole story. Oh, heading to Vegas in March if you two wanna make another road trip 😉

What part of March? We're committed to horse sitting at a friend's ranch the last 2 weeks in March. But we've been talking about a Vegas trip.

First weekend :)

This does sound like quite the satire, if satire is the right word for it. The sad thing is that our politicians really are like that. Doesn't give a good feeling.

My point exactly. Sugar coating and image seems to be the norm and it is rather depressing in the grand scheme of it all.

Your excitement is vivid!


Thank you! Great show if you haven't seen it yet😎


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I absolutely loved it, the way it shows how stupid right wing governments have been when it comes to climate change, the pandemic, and other giant problems in our society. We know the solutions, but money won't let us use them. Great Review!

money won't let us use them

Couldn't agree more.

Great review! I actually watched this last night and sat chuckling on the sofa throughout...THAT I did not expect to be doing haha. But I love it when a film takes you by surprise in a way that at first seems to disappoint (expectation v reality) and then is so good in its genre that it makes you appreciate it for what it is. Thank you for the mention and support on my post @enginewitty. It is much appreciated and it makes me happy that you enjoyed it😊

Mos def - so you would agree then that maybe on top of all the nominations at various film award ceremonies - it might even be worth a win?

I haven't seen many films this past year in the cinema. We have just started going again more recently. So it's difficult to judge in a vacuum...but I'd say Leo has to be in with a shot at nomination...his performances are always remarkable. Not sure if he will win as there are some other big films out there whose trailers I've seen and there look to be some quality performances in the mix. I thought Cate was fantastic ... I don't think this will be Meryl's year. The Academy also tends to favour dramas. But sure I think the film is worth a nomination in its category and could sneak the comedy win if the academy vote intelligently haha. I thought it was hilarious and clever. Perhaps 2-3 nominations for the Oscars... hopefully some wins in the various Indie film festivals...maybe sneak a win in the Oscars?

LOL maybe if she didn't show her ass, she would have been considered 🤣

Tush, eh! 🤣 (sorry, my poor attempt at a humourous play on words).

Great post my friend! Thanks for share!

Thanks for stoppin in and checkin it out :)

I like you found this movie interesting and I never really thought about seeing it, but after reading what People said about it.
I had to watch it, and althogh all parts wasn't a favorite, it sure was a movie worth seeing.

Good writing and point of wiew.

It kind of was sad, but I really liked that instead of jumping on the shuttle off the planet, he stayed with his family and made the best of their last moments.

So they don't want to blow up the comet and save the Earth?!?! You can't spend money if you aren't breathing.

Well, they wanted to blow it into smaller chunks that wouldn't be a catastrophe so they could harvest the materials inside. They (Big Tech) failed.

Forget messing with the huge chunk of gold or whatever that is going to cause mass extinction 😂

Ya, I'd of pulled out my old Asteroids system and blown it to smithereens 😂

Same here!!! That's one rock we don't need!

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In my twisted opinion, every one of the Oscar academy judges should be devoured by a Bronteroc if they don't give this movie all the nominations and awards it truly deserves. But hey, I'm just saying that because I love intelligent cynical humor. };)

Yeah, a week ago I also made kind of a review of this movie. But as you can imagine, as always, I did it in a pretty unorthodox way just to convince @meesterboom to watch it without being accused later that I spoiled the film too much. Hahahaha

A Bronteroc - bwahahahhaaaa! I liked the part where he was all telling him how they'd die and he straight told her she'd be eaten by one😁

Finally someone who loved the movie as much as I did. I've seen it three times now and it has also become one of my favorite movies. It makes everything look so absurd that it's disappointing to realize that it's not at all far from reality. The jokes are excellent, one of my favorites is the general joke. I mean, no matter what position they hold, they are always going to want to get money out of you somehow. It is also worth mentioning the super cast, the performances are masterful. Really, excellent movie.

My favorite part is when Leo blows up on the talk show and lays down the cold truth.