CineTV Contest: Memories of my favorite series and movies @fariasros

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Hello my beautiful people of Hive ❤️ welcome to another chapter of my fantastic blog.



I am participating in the contest promoted by the CineTv community promoted by @notacinephile where it brings an excellent topic to write about your experience of falling in love with a movie (or a TV show) when you were a child.

In my case I'm going to talk about two TV series that have set the tone and that day after day I watch them even though they are as old as I am. Besides that I have a movie that I love and I always watch, I think that if they show it day after day I think I would watch it no matter that I already know the script backwards and forwards.

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Favorite series that are favorite series all over the world are: Friends and law and order special victims unit.

I watch the series amigos almost every day on the warner channel, it is one of the channels that have been broadcasting this TV series, I love the dynamics of the series, they show a group of friends who make pranks like children, act like children but above all remain united in the face of adversity. Each character has its nuances as everything there is always one that is the favorite and in my case I love the character of Rachel who is played by actress Jennifer Aniston I find a fresh and colorful character.

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The other series that fascinates me is the law and order special victims unit is a series that deals with cases of sexual abuse victims are currently broadcasting season 22 by the universal channel with actress Mariska Hargitay produced by executive Dick Wolf, tells the investigations of the Special Victims Unit of the NYPD.

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And finally I love the movie Pretty Woman a romantic drama starring actress Julia Roberts and Richards Gere a drama about an elegant businessman falls in love with a woman who is not of his social class and makes her a sophisticated woman.

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I love your selection. good luck in the contest.

Friends is one of the best sitcoms of all time. So many good memorites with that TV show.

Comparto tu opinión, es una de las mejores series de todos los tiempos.