Wolfwalkers: An emotional and visually beautiful story

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A few weeks ago, many weeks ago, while watching Twitter like every day, I saw someone saying that Wolfwalkers was possibly the best animated movie he had seen recently, I didn't pay much attention at the time, since the name of the movie didn't sound familiar to me. Later, a few days after reading that tweet, another person said something similar and recommended to see Wolfwalker, so I went to see it, but I didn't want to know anything about the plot, I wanted to go to see the movie without any knowledge so that my surprise would be even greater. The only thing I looked for were images of the film and to my surprise, I realized that, at least visually, it was not going to disappoint me, because it is simply beautiful.

Wolfwalker is set in the middle ages and the story focuses on the life of a girl and her father, who works as a wolf hunter for an evil and despotic king, who wants to take over as much space in the forest, in order to increase the size of his kingdom, for this, he hires a wolf hunter, to eliminate them and thus be able to take over the forest, as these wolves protect their home until death. However, among the wolf pack, live two people who besides being able to heal by magic, can "become" wolves, and can also control them, these people are called Wolfwalkers.

The story between the girl, Robyn and a little girl but wild Wolfwalker named, Mebh Óg MacTíre, will cross creating a friendship that will make all the events of the film arise. A beautiful film, not only visually but also in its plot. The concern of Robyn's father, named Bill, in wanting to have his daughter always protected, since he is the only family member he has, feels quite real. Bill's overprotectiveness towards Robyn is quite logical, he more than anyone knows how dangerous it is to be outside, that's why he doesn't want her to go outside the kingdom's walls. But the meeting of Robyn and the Wolfwalker girl was inevitable.

The interaction and how Robyn and Mebh Óg MacTíre's relationship forms is quite good and natural, more than a friendship, the two form a familial, sisterly bond, something very beautiful and quite pure. Likewise the father-daughter relationship between Robyn and Bill is beautiful, with the father at the end accepting that he must give his daughter more freedom so she can learn about life.

The animation level is spectacular, the artistic style of this film is really beautiful, by far one of the best of its genre and although it may be exaggerated, it is not, really few animated films will look as beautiful as this one and it is one of those films that will last for many years and will not get old. From the voice actors, their work is equally amazing, each character is played brilliantly, very much tailored to each caracterist and personality, especially the character of Mebh Óg MacTíre. The music works wonders at key moments in the film and intensifies the feelings and situations the characters go through. Simply Wolfwalkers is spectacular.



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I saw the trailer for the movie and found the production to be very rustic and sensational. Something quite different. I have to watch it.

You must see it, it is visually beautiful and the story is very touching, I think it is even more touching if you have children.

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