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Television is one of how we can recreate ourselves in the best way, many will agree with me that this has been a fundamental part of our childhood, or at least of mine if largely, I remember that the only comforting thing about returning from school was the memory that I would finally return home to watch the shows that generated more joy and exaltation, specifically I had a fanaticism or preference for the shows of a very remembered and loved by many, Cartoon Network.

Who will not remember that epic commercial where all the characters of their series were watching a movie in a movie theater? , something that is certainly unforgettable for all of us who were viewers I honestly loved to tune in to this channel, I think everything about it, in general, was what attracted me, its commercials, designs, transitions, but what else could I have been fixated on? Ahh obviously, the programs and its content in general that they ran. Many programs in general, many marathons, events, and best of all, experiences that enacted me in my childhood in which undoubtedly if today I can say that if I was a happy child, it was largely because of them.

Samurai Jack.

I remember it was the first Cartoon Network show I saw, without a doubt the Japanese world since I was a child (about 5 or 6 years old) has been something that has interested me. At first, I didn't know what it was about because the background was somewhat complex for a child, however, I kept watching it because of the curious aspect of the villain (Aku) and his characteristic demonic aspect was something that caught my attention at first. After continuing to watch it, Jack's story ended up making me stay with it, and the rest is through marathons that became more and more addictive.

I am certain that she was shown very late for the time she is used to standing up regularly, so for me, it was an odyssey to have to go to school at 6 am and have to see it at 11 pm, so many times I had to go to school with dark circles under my eyes and sleepy, but I don't regret anything.

What I hated the most without a doubt was Aku, what a hateful character! Imagine, a child who just saw her and only saw a ruthless demon who did not care about people, it was certainly what I hated the most and how each time Jack made her life impossible was one of the things I enjoyed.

Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Well, this is perhaps one of my favorite series and with more sentimentality in between and the ones I remember with more nostalgia, I think it is one of the best series of Cartoon Network and honestly, I had a mixture of mixed feelings about it. Courage is a series that I would not know where to pigeonhole it but it certainly has scary episodes, or well, at least to me when I was 6 years old it was so scary that I could not sleep, there is a particular episode that took my sleep away completely, that was the one of the Tablet, that was one of the craziest experiences that, although now I see the episode and it seems silly, as a child it caused me a crazy terror.

I also remember something that undoubtedly defines what this series meant to me, in the episode where they show how Courage came to the arms and care of Justo and Muriel in the scene where they show their parents and how was the process of them being taken away was undoubtedly something that to my little self broke my heart completely, I automatically cried to rivers with that, perhaps it was one of the greatest samples of the kindness that we can have when we are children, certainly a good memory. This series was for my childhood a mixture of feelings that undoubtedly made her very happy with every marathon that happened in CN and that as an adult I remember quite fondly.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

This series was my childhood act of rebellion, I remember that they wouldn't let me watch it, and to do so I had to tune into the channel on the sly at 4:00 pm, which was when it was always on. I don't know why they wouldn't let me watch it or at least my childhood self didn't understand it, maybe because of some of its grotesque characters, Billy eating boogers, Mandy insulting Puro Hueso, in short, ironically these things were what I liked most about it and its curiousness was what I loved.

Many may disagree with me, but my favorite character was Irwin and the way Mandy always friend-zoned him was unique besides Billy being silly and I laughed out loud at everything. There is something funny about the animated series we watch as kids, some of them transmit a deep message that as kids we don't perceive even 1% but recapping as adults later on we see this. Something like that happened to me with Billy and Mandy because as you may know the series has as a character the reaper himself who is Puro Hueso and there is a moment when he has to take an old man to the afterlife, that is to say, that it is his turn to die. The man was blind and thought it was his son who visited him after so many years and asked for a hug before leaving and Puro Hueso, moved, gave him a hug pretending to be his son. Who would have thought... Even the grim reaper has feelings. Undoubtedly one of the best series I saw from Cartoon Network, Billy and Mandy are part of my nostalgic memory of series that I loved without a doubt and with which I had the best time in my childhood.

Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Well, this other series was another of which I was suspicious to watch, although in my act of rebellion I managed to give good arguments about why I thought I should be allowed to watch it and guess what, it worked, so as you can imagine I could watch it without any time restriction. Ed Edd and Eddy is perhaps the series to which I was most hooked and interested in its universe, so much so that I allowed myself to play all the games that came out on PS2 just to investigate more the whole world in which they lived.

There is something I always wanted with all my heart and it was the candies there, I think the hype for the candies in the series was so big that even the viewer (me in this case) was transmitted the desire to have one since, in the series, the boy's Ed, Edd, and Eddy do not have money in their pockets to buy candies and at all costs seek how to get them, something quite curious but is the first thing that comes to my mind of it, the candies.

I remember that I loved this series when I was a kid, it's a world in general, Plank and Jimmy, Jonny, Rolf, and many more characters. Every Christmas special on film I watched the whole thing from head to toe and if I had to say they were some of the best minutes my childhood self could spend watching TV.

Dexter's Lab.

I loved this show, it was something I couldn't miss and how Dexter operated in his secret lab and what happened to him was fun to watch. I generally hated at times Diddy (Dexter's sister) who always got in the way of his plans and so Dexter had to clean up the mess.

It was quite funny because I remember that diversity was one of the key factors in this animated series, that's what made it so engaging because it didn't get monotonous at any time. As a curious fact, I will admit that I dreamed of having a lab in my house just like the one in Dexter, but I was content to watch it on TV.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

A tremendous animated series that to this day thinking about it brings many memories and thoughts to my head, in it a series of imaginary friends make life in a mansion for them and the fact that their adventures with Mac were quite entertaining, I liked the whole message and aura of the series that was certainly something that attracted me quite a lot of it.

I remember that my favorite imaginary friends were Blue, Eduardo, and obviously Coco! One of the animated series that I remember most fondly because although it did not have a central focus like some of the ones I mentioned, it was fun for being itself and presenting what it showed as such, which were the adventures of imaginary friends. To this day I remember it quite fondly for all the hours of entertainment it gave me.

Well... As we could see there are many shows and there are many more but these are the ones that touched my sentimental fiber and with which I had the best time, there is no doubt that Cartoon Network was a mine of good series. Their title as one of the best television networks in history is well deserved, and I am sure that like me, they formed a big part of the childhood of many children. It was a pleasure to show you my most memorable TV shows if you read this far thank you very much and I hope it has helped you remember too, see you at the next one.


This was my entry for the "Memories" contest organized by the CineTV community, if you are interested in participating I leave you the link here.

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Aún recuerdo esas series cuando mi pequeño hijo las veía y era fan número 1 de ellas. 🤭 Gracias por compartir tus recuerdos en esta excelente publicacion. Un abrazo! 🤗 @gabrielserra

Son las mejores de todas, creo que en la infancia de muchos. Muchas gracias me alegro que le haya gustado ! @marybellrg

I also like all those choices. It makes me believe that kids today can still watch some quality and funny cartoons (but the ones from past decades are still better).

I don't know much about those of past decades but I have heard wonderful things about them. Nowadays there are some good ones but as you say, they are not made with that touch of magic that the old ones had, I will always choose them over any other for the magic and nostalgia that they produce in me. Cheers, thank you for stopping by @wiseagent

Dexter's lab was my favorite cartoon, 90's were the golden age for cartoons. The only good cartoon nowadays is "We Bare Bears"

One of the best without a doubt, I loved what Dexter always invented in his lab. I haven't seen We bare bears but I have seen memes and it has had good acceptance I will keep it in mind to watch it. Thanks for stopping by bro, cheers.

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