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“Some people feel like they don’t deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces,, trying to close the gaps of the past.”
--Into The Wild

Movies based on true stories are always a little different. A true story is tried to be presented in a great way in the movie. In this case, the filmmakers have to work hard. In this contest I am going to write about one such movie which has occupied a special place in the mind of movie lovers.


One thing is very common among the people of present generation most of them are very upset with the society.
Many can be heard saying, "I don't like this house, family, school-college anymore! If only I could go somewhere far away!"
Want to know the story of such a person? That made this fantasy of yours a reality. Then Into The Wild is for you.


Due to family ties, pressure of studies, pressure of workplace, pressure of family, etc., a person's free will life is suppressed. Then people forget to enjoy their life. Gives away one's true self and true talent. Devotes himself to practical real life. But this way can really be happy? Can working mechanical life keep people happy? With people fighting, violence, riots and mechanical life around, sometimes one wants to leave everything and go somewhere far away where no one will be. I will live alone, discover myself and know the unknown The movie "Into the Wild" made some such statements.



The story of the movie revolves around Christopher McDonald. Christopher has just graduated His parents are sitting hoping to join a good workplace. But Christopher does exactly the opposite. He has lost his love for family, home, money and urban comforts. So he left everything and went on an adventure. He started to travel one way after another with all the objectives of discovering unknown things, traveling to different places, enjoying his life to the fullest. The story continues with this adventure of his.


Sean Penn made the film based on the book "Into the Wild" written by John Krakauer about the life of Christopher McAndless. This movie is enough to prove that Sean Penn is a great actor as well as a skilled director. Thanks to his excellent direction and well-written script, the movie gave a different experience. Adventure movies are not all about treasure hunting in unknown ancient places, fighting for survival in the jungle or spying in different countries. This movie is very different from these conventions and very chilly. Along with the adventure, the life of the main character is highlighted here. Various dreams hidden in his thoughts and mind are told. So such management of Sean Penn is definitely commendable


Eric Gatier's cinematography in the movie is very different. Also some camera shots are different. Each location is brilliantly exposed and looks beautiful thanks to exquisite cinematography and soft color grading. The background score by Michael Brook, Kaki King and Eddie Vedder brings the movie to life. The very soulful score helped the movie to blend in easily. It is accompanied by wonderful life-viewing dialogues that leave a deep impression on the mind.


The life of this movie is Emily Hersh playing the character "Michael Macandless". He alone carries the entire movie with his phenomenal performance Today's popular actress Kristen Stewart played a small character named "Tracy" and showed her charisma there. Apart from this, the performance of other co-actors was also fluent.


Humans are social beings. Coming together, bonding with each other, winning the fight for survival, discovering the unknown finally gave birth to this developed world. To live well, to share one's joys and sorrows, to help in times of danger, one must be present. So even if you try to be happy alone by going to the forest away from the society, sooner or later you will realize your mistake and want to come back to the society. The movie "Into the Wild" gave many such educational messages through Michael's adventures If you reflect these messages in your life, you will understand the true meaning of life.

So, this movie is a must watch if you like heterodox adventure and spiritual, visual and soulful type of movies. Best not to watch with family due to some offensive scenes and offensive language. The movie has a current IMDB rating of 8.1 and a fresh score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes


Acting: I am not qualified to give a review on the acting of this movie.
Pratyak acts so fluently that there is no way to understand that it is acting.
The background music of the movie was perfect for this movie 👌 Very plain movie no action, thrill, twist, glamour. Even though the movie is from 2007, its direction
Looks like a 1980s-90s movie to me.
But one thing is for sure, this movie will leave you feeling deep inside, which can only be felt. Can't understand another person!
I do not know if such a movie will be made a second time! I think everyone should watch it.

Happy watching.


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It looks interesting, I like this type of film when it deals with the search for its center. Respecting the free will of each one.
Afterwards, it's up to each one to decide.


The film as you describe it has a great message, or teaching.
There are many film posts I have read in this community that I didn't know about, and this is one of them.
Thank you for sharing it.