Top Fifty CINE Accounts on the CINE Rich-List

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Yesterday, I published a rich-list for POB where @belemo made a comment and asked me to create the similar rich-list for the CINE platform. This is my first post through the front-end of Cine. It is a niche community with only $13000 market capitalization.


Let me first declare here that There is an existing tool, which is the base for calculation of the rich-list. But I found it a bit inaccurate and then I started maintaining my own Rich-list for #pob. I plan to replicate the same for #cine. Thank you @belemo for encouraging.

Total CINE Token Holders

As on 06th July there were 3363 accounts who currently hold some CINE tokens or in the past had some balance of CINE tokens. I have considered the liquid balances, staked balances and delegations for all these 3363 accounts.

CINE Rich-list for July

I have calculated the actual balances of the accounts as on 6th July. Here are the top 50 rich accounts on CINE Platform.

RankAccountTotal as on 0607

*Total 51 accounts are calculated as the @null is not the real stakeholder of the tokens.

@cinebounties is the biggest account on this platform, holding close to 17% of the total staked tokens,

Threshold for being on the list.

If you hold more than 1512 CINE tokens then you can get featured in the list of top 50 rich accounts.

Influence of #CINE Power

Total #cine power staked by the top 50 rich-accounts is 435552. Most important aspect of this community is the staked CINE power. Total CINE power staked by all the stakeholders is 598997 at the time of writing this post. This means top 50 stakeholders control more than 73% of the total tokens available in the community.


Yup. I specifically made it scarce because I wanted people to work for it rather than to just "buy a load of it" -- there were a few insta-whales created due to the drops I did but in reality if it weren't for them then I wouldn't have Cine as a token at all, or BRO :)

Can't complain, I'm a benefactor of the initial airdrops.

A well deserved one also!

So it has a different tokenomics altogether. You create content, you engage more, you get benefited with tokens. Since the tokens are scarce, the prices would be always maintained.
This is quite an interesting concept. I think @interpretation publishing the reports on the community will help us create more engagement on this platform as well.
It would be really interesting to learn the how this community grows from here. I have seen the engagement on posts of @interpretation gets rewarded with #pob, now this combination of CINE posts getting rewarded with #pob would be interesting to see.

After reading the post here, I made a quick search on the curation APR for some accounts like @flauwy and @andy-cine and I was amazed to see the APR for last 30 days in excess of 150%.
I think this is quite impressive APR.
#pob is all about impressive APR but I feel #cine is equally good and I believe strengthening the account of @interpretation for creating engagement on this platform can help many contributors to grow and attract other platform users to come and engage here.

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Few days back I discovered that #cine is a hidden jewel on #hive platform. It has one of the best tokenomics. I have just missed the rank in this rich-list but I have been adding a lot of tokens to my kitty recently.
It is hard to buy them on exchanges as it is available in a very limited supply. You have to place the limit order and may have to wait for even day or two to see the same executed.
But as @raymondspeaks has made it clear, this is done with a purpose to reward the contributors more than investors. So as the engagement increases on this platform, there would be some liquidity in the markets.

Yes there is a very good tokenomics behind CINE. However, if you notice voting on the CINE you will realize that there is a difference in the vote value for comment and a post. While voting for the post, new posts will have a different value of vote for curator and old post will have a different vote value of curator.

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Based on the configuration of the tribe, you can not really find out what difference does it make to curate the post and why is it less profitable to curate the comments. May be there could be a reason to not promote the engagement on the CINE platform.
Only @raymondspeaks can tell us more about how the curation works and why there is a difference in comment curation and post curation.
There is also a difference in the vote values when you vote on different posts. This seems to be because of the author curve in the tribe config which is set at 110%. So not all the posts you curate will have the same value of your vote.

Well, I guess this means it is going to be a battle to get my hands on any Cine token then.

There is a very small amount of #cine in the circulation which creates the scarcity for the tokens and makes it difficult for investors to buy the tokens. This is a niche community and that is the reason they are creating the scarcity in the market. I am seeing that they have issued about 2.7 million tokens and later burnt 2 million tokens. This has also created the scarcity. Not sure what is the game plan here but due to small number of tokens, this is a very interesting investment opportunity it seems.

Oh well, lets see how it goes.

Yes, you are already on the rich-list and I foresee that unless there is a strong interest from the investors outside of this community, your rank would probably go up from here.

Hopefully. I want to market buy but there's not much available for sale.

After this post, I was tracking the prices of CINE tokens frequently, there is a good improvement in the volumes and I am seeing some liquidity in the markets now. @belemo may be you would like to market the token now as there is increase in buy and sell orders. Though the depth needs to be watched out for.

I think the platform lacks the engagement here due to the nature of the subject. CINE is probably the community focussed on the cinemas globally and there could be limited interaction. As the interaction and the contributions grow here and the contributions get rewarded from the existing token holders, I think more tokens would be available for circulation. May be a curation trail to vote the content or the engagement project as run by @amr008 for other communities can help.

WOW! I still didn't realize how well I'm doing in the CineTV community. It's amazing to be a part of this project and help it grow.

Thanks for let me know about it, @interpretation.

You have always been a great source of information on many tribes here on #hive including the #pob and #cine. Keep contributing your thoughts.

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Whoa! I never expected to be among the 50 richest CINE accounts... that's crazy! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Mad pride! :P

I think that is the beauty of these reports. This documentation creates the record of how the rich-lists change and who enters in and who goes out. I have witnessed this phenomenon on #pob already. As the time goes these rich-lists become crucial part of community development. I am sure @interpretation makes it regular feature on this platform

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Whoa! I never expected to be among the 50 richest CINE accounts... that's crazy! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Mad pride! :P



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