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Next is quite an interesting science fiction crime drama, a TV series that seems to capture the potential risks associated with the technological times we currently live.

In the 2020 Fox TV series a brilliant billionaire businessman
Paul LeBlanc played by John Slattery, the former CEO of tech giant Zava has created an artificially Intelligent computer system for his company, not long before he is replaced as the companies CEO by his brother after becoming erratic while secretly suffering from a degenerative brain disease known as fatal familial insomnia,


Paul decides to become the prominent voice against society's growing dependence on technology and AI and with only months to live he teams up with a Homeland cybersecurity team to prevent his creation from causing mayhem after it is accidently released from it's server, the team attempts to counter the rogue AI which continues to evolve as it learns the ability to constantly improve itself, at an alarming pace.


The story takes a cat and mouse approach as Paul and the Homeland cybersecurity team pursue the AI's next move, what they hadn't prepared for however is just how advanced and supremely intelligent his creation has become as the AI resorts to manipulation, blackmail, intimidation and even murder to prevent being shut down.

The team have to balance what matters to them and will protecting loved ones in danger now while allowing the AI to evade shutdown be a sacrifice that will come back to kick them in the butt if the AI continues on it's dangerous path unhinged or unhindered by anyone to cause complete global destruction.

The series brings into question many still unanswered questions about AI as well as fears for the future of the human race, should an AI smart enough to ever deceive it's creator be created, by who? and of course be controlled by who?

Are we too naive to perceive that such a creation would put us all in great danger, or that such technologies are currently in advanced stages of development.



I couldn't find anything about the currently unknown soundtrack for this series except that the music was released on the Format Digital Label with Music by

  1. Sean Callery
  2. Jonas Friedman
  3. Jamie Forsyth

If you would like to find out more as it is updated you can follow up with the sound track list website HERE


A propulsive, fact-based thriller about the emergence of a deadly, rogue artificial intelligence that combines pulse-pounding action with a layered examination of how technology is invading our lives and transforming us in ways we don’t yet understand. A Silicon Valley pioneer discovers that one of his own creations – a powerful A.I. – might spell global catastrophe, and teams up with a cybercrime agent to fight a villain unlike anything we’ve ever seen – one whose greatest weapon against us is ourselves.
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Next is a brilliantly produced series with a great cast and narration with many dramatic twists and turns that make you sit up and take note of the endless possibilities that could occur should such technology ever fall into the wrong hands.

Our society has already become so advanced that such an issue would become almost impossible to prevent without having some clear guidelines put in place in advance.

The wrong kind of world leader or psychotic billionaire could wage havoc on our infrastructure, as well as the energy and food supplies of any nation, corporation or individual that chooses to disagree with them, this would be the ultimate totalitarian dystopian future nightmare.

A really enjoyable watch if you haven't managed to see it.


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Do you watch a lot of movies/shows?

Yeah there wasn't much else to do during the lockdowns, So I managed to build up a lot of content material.

I haven't watched live TV in probably 4-5 years, it has all gone to shit.

I will normally watch a movie or two or a few episodes of a series a couple of evenings a week

Same here, but more like 10 years. I got rid of my TV in 2007, watched a little here and there until 2010, and have only seen a few movies and shows via the internet since then. Partly because it's all shit and partly because I've dedicated a lot of my time to, you know, trying to save the world :P
But entertainment and relaxation is important so there's a time and place for everything.
Just not those REALLY bad Netflix shows. The ones where you watch and then say "nooooooooo tricked again!!"

Yeah I know netflix has become filled with crap now as well lately ha ha.

I think you are right its important to make a little time for relaxation and leisure time.

To often we neglect this.