A Taste Of Horror-Action: Van Helsing (2004)

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You know that chilling fear that creeps up and crawls on your skin…waiting for something eerie and weird to appear on your television screen (lucky you if your screen is larger, haha)...then the spooky music and drum beats that follow… This combination makes horror movies very interesting!

I don't watch those 100% horror movies of haunted houses or cabins in the woods, friends miss their way and lodge in them at night and then the gore drama begins! A classic case of The Evil Dead series. I watched this series when I was a child and my fear of the dark became sealed! Haha.

The horror genre holds my interest when it's mixed up with other genres such as horror/fantasy or horror/action/thriller. Something like that. Even better is if there are vampires and werewolves in it!


Van Helsing is a horror/action classic monster film released in 2004 and I love it. In some of my movie reviews, I write about how I watch movies based on the actors and actresses.

Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale are the main characters which makes this movie all the more attractive for me. Right from the start of the X-men series, Hugh Jackman has been a favourite and having watched The Underworld series (another horror/gothic/action I will be reviewing much later) where Kate Beckinsale starred as a badass Lycan hunter, she became another of my favourites too.

Another interesting element of this movie is its focus on monster characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, Mr. Hyde, Van Helsing as a monster hunter, werewolves and vampires.


The movie starts remarkably in black and white displaying how Victor Frankenstein 'made' his monster while a mob of protesters threatened to storm the castle. Dracula moves in and kills Victor, an act which hurts the monster. In the midst of the commotion and with the castle on fire, the monster runs away with his dead master in his hands.

Van Helsing, played by Hugh Jackman, is commissioned years later by the Holy Order to travel down to Transylvania, join hands with the Valerious family and destroy Dracula. Van Helsing stops by the laboratory to collect weapons and gadgets that he would need for the mission.


Arriving at the village in Transylvania, Van Helsing meets Anna Valerious in the midst of a fight against the brides of Dracula and the journey to fulfill the mission was like a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole.


Without giving away the movie, I'll say it's a captivating action-adventure horror with plenty of creatures and monsters from classic horror movies past and I enjoyed how some parts are laced with humor.

Almost 90% of all the scenes were in dark places. The dark fantasy atmosphere of the movie lends credence to it as a gothic.

I liked the masquerade ball scene, fancy dressing, dancing and the non-stop action throughout the movie. There was not a single dull moment.


Though this movie is highly underappreciated and given low ratings by critics due to the CGI effects, I feel it's not bad for such a movie made in 2004. Also, the choice of actors made the movie popular and easily likable.

Call me weird but happy endings are sometimes overrated so I liked how the movie ended on a sad note when Van Helsing accidentally killed Anna Valerious in the werewolf form and mourned her when the cure kicked in and he turned human again.

Van Helsing is one of the best action horrors that I have watched and would definitely recommend it to viewers who want to be in the Halloween mood regardless of the critics' ratings.

This is my entry to the CineTV Contest: The Best Of Horror | CHALLENGE #01. I invite @notacinephile, @wolfofnostreet, and @esther-emmanuel to participate.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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This must be a good story. Thanks for sharing today.

Thank you too for reading. 😊

I really enjoyed this movie and it's quite sad they never made a follow up, but I guess wolverine came up

Yes, some fans believed there would be a sequel... Though I read somewhere one is in works. But who knows?

I appreciate you stopping by. Thanks. 🙂

The way you just reviewed is doing me watch watch, haha. I love horror movies especially when it has a blend of vampire and warewolf in it. I'm wondering why I haven't even watched it, hugh jackman is a big plus and I know he way he always enter into character like it actually his real life.

Thanks for the review dear

Lol, then I say go ahead and watch it. The action will keep you glued to the screen and with Hugh Jackman, you won't be bored!

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment. 🙂

You're welcome, 🥺

Hi dear, you didn't post the next part of the story today???????

😄 I'm encouraged to know I have an ardent fan of my stories! Sorry, I was a bit busy most of yesterday so I posted the next episode late in the evening. Thanks dear. 😊

Thanks for your participation in the contest, @kemmyb.

It's an interesting contest for film buffs in the Halloween season. Thank you too for hosting it. I appreciate your support. 🙂

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Oh my gosh, I absolutely love your reviews!
You sold me on Van Helsing, a movie I have never seen. Jackman and Beckinsale sound like a really great combo together. This one is definitely going on my October watch list.
Thanks so much for joining in on my challenge. This is a most excellent entry!

... a movie I have never seen.

Really? Hehe, this movie is fan's favorite because of Jackman and Beckinsale. I like their combo and the action scenes in the movie. You must watch and let me know your take on it! 😊

Oh yes! It's so exciting to read about a movie I haven't seen!
Beckinsale certainly knows her way around a good Action Horror flick with the Underworld franchise and quite frankly, Jackman is just amazing in everything he does haha. I'm was so excited to see it after reading your review that I ordered a copy off eBay today and it should be here this weekend for a viewing. Thanks so much for bringing more attention to the film community on Hive!


... I ordered a copy off eBay today and it should be here this weekend for a viewing.

That's great! You will enjoy it!
Thanks for pizza tip. 😊

This movie, when I watched some scenes gave goose bumps. It was interesting and very intriguing. I see the movie as a classic.

Lovely post. I love this contest and I will be hitching a ride with you.

Agreed. This movie is certainly a classic. I'm glad you are taking me up on my invitation. Looking forward to your entry! 😊

This seems to be very interesting, I don't think I've ever watched it before.

You know that chilling fear that creeps up and crawls on your skin…waiting for something eerie and weird to appear on your television screen (lucky you if your screen is larger, haha)...then the spooky music and drum beats that follow… This combination makes horror movies very interesting!

I know it and I love it!

Thanks for the invite.

Then you should watch it. You'll like it. Thanks for your visit. ☺️

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One of my favorite movies and one of those with the best werewolf in the history of cinema. Thanks for sharing. Greetings.

It's also one of my favourites too! Thanks a lot for your kind comment. 🙂

You're so right about it being an action horror on this one. They seemed to put all the classic monsters together in a big mashup. I do remember the cgi and I think many others do too. Based on all the action and creatures it was quite hard not to. I often wonder if they made this a few years later with some advances if it may have been received a little better?

Nicely put together and good luck!

I'm sure if the team behind the movie had made it years later, the reception would have been great and the critics' ratings high. I think they did great with the equipment they had then.

I appreciate your visit. Thanks a lot. 😊