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When a tv series piques my interest, it means there are lots of mystery, thriller, action, drama and romance in it. That's how Scandal, a popular American political drama and thriller, owned my attention.

For reasons that the United States is a world power, the abundance of books, articles and reading materials, and films surrounding her politics, we have been inundated with how her presidential system of government functions.

I have read contemporary novels about the white house and the dramas surrounding US politics. Watching these dramas on tv is another thing. Scandal tv series was created, produced and directed by the famous Shonda Rhimes, owner of the production company, Shondaland.

I followed this tv series right from the first season to the seventh (2012-2018). One thing that I have observed about Ms Shonda Rhimes is that her tv series are excellent, the acting are top-notch and the ratings are always high. I started admiring her work after I watched a few seasons of Grey's Anatomy but had to stop somewhere along the way because I couldn't stand to watch bloody scenes all the time. I applaud her for a job well done on the Scandal series.


I love the way the Scandal scripts were written, the plot twists, the dialogue of characters, their demeanours and passionate acting. It displayed that a lot of work went into refining the actors and actresses to give their best. When an audience's heart goes out to a character, then it's a job well done.

This series addressed contemporary issues in political and social culture, such as feminism, election rigging, gender disparities, movements like the black lives matter, me too, police brutality, sexual politics, racism, and planned parenthood in America.

Scandal is about the powerful Washington DC crisis handler/fixer, Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) who heads a crisis management firm called Olivia Pope and Associates. Her employees (aka Gladiators) included three lawyers and a former hitman, people she had saved in the past who would jump over a cliff for her.

In each episode, Olivia and her Gladiators handled different cases, from helping the rich and powerful to cover up murders and affairs to social media mishaps and, indirectly ruling America and the world through her romantic affair with the President. Talk about the power of a woman!


I enjoyed the twists and complexities in the plots, particularly the part about Olivia's parents - her father, the head of a classified, non-existent government agency B613, and her mother, an international terrorist! What a pair!

This series launched Ms Kerry Washington's acting career. She became the first black female character to lead a network drama in nearly 40 years. I'll say that's an impressive feat.

I rate this series A plus and would recommend it to all political thriller lovers. As you watch each episode, it leaves you wanting more...and more scandals.


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