Solve The Mystery —Review Of Death On The Nile (2022)

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I always love a good mystery, especially a whodunnit kind that keeps me racking my brains and trying to discover the killer before the final reveal! That way I feel I have bested the film creator and writers. But when it comes to Agatha Christie's mysteries, I'm afraid I'm always lagging behind.

I had read and watched Murder On The Orient Express (2017) and was looking forward to the sequel, Death On The Nile (2022) produced by Kenneth Branagh who was our favourite detective, Hercule Poirot.


Imagine boarding a cruise ship for a few days of fun with a newly wedded couple only to return with dead bodies! In my opinion, it means that the ship is cursed or something and I'll probably never remain the same or ever go on a cruise again.

If you are a fan of Agatha Christie's novels, you'll know that the main actor in most of her books is detective Hercule Poirot and there are usually murders involved in them until the killer is found by the detective. It always turns out to be someone unexpected. But one thing remains true —the killer is usually the person closest and would benefit something valuable from the deceased.

I love the cast of this film. I see familiar faces from Gal Gadot and Armie Hammer, the main characters to Annette Bening, Letitia Wright, Rose Leslie and Russell Brand. I knew there would not be a dull moment. Each scene was gripping and well plotted. One moment I was enjoying the chemistry between Gal Gadot and Armie Hammer as the newlyweds went on a cruise to celebrate with close friends and loved ones. The next moment, the bodies started dropping.

The visual effects were smooth making the film intense and heartstopping, especially in the scenes where Bouc, Hercule Poirot's friend, (played by Tom Bateman) was almost going to reveal who the killer was when a bullet to his throat made him choke on his blood and died. I jumped on my seat at the scary scene. The film had viewers all hyped and ready to know who could be so cold-hearted as to shed blood only to have the character silenced.

The performances of the cast were excellent, especially Gal Gadot and Kenneth Branagh. The first few scenes were shot in black and white, giving us some history as to why Hercule Poirot wore a curly moustache and another announcing the entrance of Gal Gadot onto a dance floor in a lovely silver gown was spectacular. I admire Kenneth Branagh for producing and directing the film while taking the center stage in almost all the scenes as detective Hercule Poirot. He did a great job there.

The only fault I found with this film is that the first fifteen minutes were a drag. I was anticipating some action that would throw me straight into the heart of the film. Thereafter, the storyline began to take shape. A viewer who knows nothing about Agatha Christie may lose interest before the fifteen minutes are up and conclude the film is uninteresting.

Overall, Death On The Nile is a fantastic mystery and I rate it 4.5 stars out of 5. I'll recommend it to you.

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I love Hercule Poirot stories!! I will watch it! Thanks for the review

Hehe, you'll enjoy a good dose of mystery! Thanks a lot for your visit. 🙂

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