Beyond Evil: A psychological crime thriller that goes beyond expectations.

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In the first quarter of 2021, JTBC decided to air Beyond Evil. By the end of the year, the show won 4 highly-rated awards in the Kdrama industry.

Is your appetite whetted? Haha. Get in!


Who is the monster? Who is the psycho? Who is the culprit? Even as a seasoned detective with years of experience, can you look at someone and say they are responsible for a particular crime?

What if the detective is a psychotic serial killer? And, he is still active as a detective. How will he solve a case where he is the prime suspect?

This is one hell of an Amazing drama. The complexity of the storyline is visible throughout the 16 episodes of the show. The depth of each character in addition to the backstory added more dynamics to the complexity of each of them.

At a point in the show, I started suspecting everyone as 'the culprit'. Haha. Oh, my world!


Seriously, if you enjoy a suspense-filled drama with mind-blowing plot twists, this is the drama you need to dive into. Don't sit on this. The tension build-up flows with each sequence. Welcome to a world where nobody is strictly good or bad. No black or white. Just shades after shades of an individual depending on their decisions.

It gets even better if you are a Kdrama fan.

The drama is pure gold. The story kept me at the edge of my sit while watching it. I was thinking fast and hard to know who is good or bad, but that was never an easy conclusion to make.

They call this 'Beyond Evil'. You can rest assured that every episode will be far beyond your expectations. That's how good this show is.

What to expect in this Kdrama;

Thriller, mystery, psychological manipulation, investigation, suspense, murder, corruption, bromance.


All these were explored in the drama and the writer did a good job of weaving all these together to make a very interesting story. The actors on the other hand deserve to be paid in Gold for their amazing acting.

Some scenes had more facial expressions than verbal dialogue, and the actors did a good job of portraying these emotions - especially the two male leads.

I wouldn't want to end this without talking about the OSTs (Original Soundtrack) used in this show. Wowww... They were very amazing. I have 3 of those in my playlist and they are on repeat as I'm writing this review. Haha. They hit differently when it's playing in the background while watching the show.

Is it worth watching?


I believe I did a good job of telling you what to expect in this Kdrama without giving any spoilers. One thing I must say is that this is not the Kdrama for Oppas or Noonas. Haha. If romance is what you are looking for, I suggest you skip this ASAP.

But, if you enjoy watching something in the genre of what I narrated about this Kdrama, 'Beyond Evil' will surely whet your appetite as you dig into each episode.

Ratings for this Drama

Lemme just say this; What you get in this drama is a masterpiece and it will surely be a crime to miss this. Haha. I'm giving this a solid 9/10 🙂.

This show could have easily passed as one of those where psychos go on a rampage and hit people with a hammer whenever they want, but the scriptwriter and the director did a very awesome job of reducing that to the bare minimum. They focus on the emotional side of things and I LOVE IT.

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Oh my world!
I'm so curious about the drama already
I saw a drama not too long like the genres you've narrated here and I can bet I'll enjoy another suspense once again.

A detective who's the prime suspect? How did he do that? Well, I'll find out for myself

And that guy in the last picture is calling me already 😅 I love his acting skills a lot, he can be very funny too.

Beyond evil... I should go add it to my watch list, the list has gotten so long... Would see them one after the other soon, exams first 😂😂

You are spot-on about the guy in the last picture. He is usually the bad guy in most of how work I have seen, but he has a very adorable charisma. He did so well in this particular show with his acting especially when he speaks french to annoy the detectives while they were investigating him. Haha.

This show will stretch your curiousity throughout the 16 episodes. It strikes a cord and makes viewers to go through various emotions. Haha. You will really enjoy it.

GoodLuck with the exams. I believe you will do well in that.. Haha. You have a whole list of Kdrama to soak in whenever you are free.

I can already guess he would be awesome with his acting skills on this one, can't wait to see the drama.

Thanks for your wishes, will be done with it in no time and I'll have more time for the kdrama list I have 😅

Oh yes, you have represented the movie very well.

You have found both good and bad sides of people in one movie. And this is what happens nowadays. We live in a way of life where, sometimes bad and sometimes good, we have to assume both characters.

Even if it is to save life from the present selfish people, people have to live such a life, which as a director has been able to show the audience beautifully.

It comes across quite nicely in your writing as well. Although I haven't watched the drama serial, I will definitely watch it when I get time.

Hahaha... You really had fun reading this review. Thanks so much for appreciating it.

I enjoyed watching the Kdrama and I thought it's only right to give it a well deserved review. Hehe.

Usually i don't give a shot to kdrama, but I will add this one to my queue! Thanks for bringing it!

Cool. I hope you get to enjoy watching this


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You are very correct. This drama is a masterpiece. Haha. The story was super amazing and the actors were superb