Cine TV Contest #31: The young villain in 'All Of Us Are Dead' killed his role.

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What would you do if your friends in school suddenly become zombies? That's the question they are asking us in this very intriguing Kdrama, All Of Us Are Dead.


Bear in mind that you will be turned into a zombie with dead brain cells if you don't kill those same people you used to be in the same class with.

Wowwww. Just wowwww. Haha.

The idea of basing most of the story on a school premises makes it more relatable because we've all been to school at certain stages in our lives. So, this story is built around something we can paint a mental picture of.

I got to watch this off the back of the whole Covid19 virus trend so, this Kdrama came at the perfect time and it melted me softly as I watched frightened kids run to just about any direction without being sure of where they will be safe.

They felt various emotions and hoped for the adults to come to their rescue, but shit happened so many times until they figured that they are the only ones that can help themselves.


Seriously, this Kdrama was very fun to watch. That's a weird thing to say when most of the clips were about the spread of a deadly virus, but you know what I mean. The combination of the terrifying incidents and the actions gave me a sort of nervous laughter.

Let's talk about the performance of these amazing kids.

I was genuinely impressed with the actors. 80% of the major roles were played by teenagers and they did a very amazing job. Some of the characters were very annoying in their decision-making.

Obviously, not running when you are supposed to run and not stabbing zombies because they were your friend often endangered the kids. It was annoying to see that, but the fact that it's annoying shows how convincing they executed the role.

Let's not forget that these are kids and in real life, kids in that situation will not always get it right with their decision-making.

The character that completely captivated my attention is the young lad that played the role of a Villain. Look at that!

He is that one character that was never hesitant. Unfortunately, he was hunting down the 'good guys'.

I love to hate a very good villain and this young lad gave me exactly what I wanted by doing such an amazing job as a very diabolical villain. Haha.

He was just a normal lad who enjoyed bullying others in the school premises, yet he was feared like a Grim Reaper. You can only imagine the aura he gave off when he finally became mutated because of the virus. He was completely unstoppable.

What I find fascinating about his character is the character development after each episode. He played the role in a very convincing manner and you can easily notice an upgrade in his attacks when he became a mutant. Every on-screen performance he had in this show played a big part in building up the overall tension which made this show intense and a joy to watch.

What a villain!

It's important to note that all the young lads in this show brought an interesting dynamic which made it fascinating to learn what makes each character different from another. Even the ones that are meant to annoy us did a very good job of doing just that. Haha. You will feel like punching them in the face. Yeah, they were all amazing.

Have you watched this amazing Kdrama? Have a look at the trailer.

This is my entry to Cine TV Contest #31 and I chose All Of Us Are Dead as my Favorite Movie with a Young Lead. Feel free to check out the contest and make an entry.

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Haha, The only thing I wanted while watching All of us are dead was to see this Guy dying but he took it on to next level. He played awesome role.

Eagerly waiting for season 2. Will see where story will lead!

Lol... Finally! It's good to see a Kdrama you have also watched. Haha.

That guy did a very nice job with his acting. He is such an amazing actor. I'm also looking forward to season 2

The way this guy refused to die in the movie was just so annoying❗😩 , it frustrated the hell out of me❗
I think I can remember he even fell from the top of a tall building but still got up like nothing happened☹️.
He certainly was the scariest because he was like the one-eyed zombie with his mind still intact and was so focused on seeking revenge 🥶.
I definitely loved to hate this character😂, he sure did do a good job and I don't think the movie would have been complete without him.

Oh, my! Haha. You are spot-on with this. The guy was too problematic for everyone in the show. He even messed with the principal of the school

It was fun to watch such an interesting character. I wished he was killed on several occasions, but I'm also glad that he lived till the last episode. Haha.

I really love the movie not minding the fact that it was scary 👹 👹

The kids didn't give up and I love their courage to try any possible means of escape that came across their minds.
And,regardless of the shock, they managed to escape at last.

The kids did well in that quest for survival. It was not an easy move, but it really worked out well because some of them managed to stay alive until the the end.

Haha what a villain!

That exclamation got me laughing while I agree totally with all you said about him.

I still wonder how the bad guys play too well on their roles and I find myself admiring them instead of being angry for their getaway until the final end.

This guy here is a good one! It is obvious he gave his best shot at every scene... A grim reaper indeed 🤣🤣

Arghhh.... This dude is really an impressive character and it's exciting to see his Career move up at a really good pace.

He is one of the major characters in Alchemy Of Souls and he will also be in the season two. That's a bunch of Blockbuster appearance for him in 2022.

I really wish him the best because he stretched himself to do a good job in this show. Hehe

Wow he's a character in Alchemy of Souls too? That's really cool, the drama is so popular just that I'm yet to see it because I'm waiting for the next release to begin first 😂

Hahaha... This your 'Patience' is exactly what I'm supposed to have, but I couldn't hold back. Haha. I ended up waiting every Saturday and Sunday to get the 2 episodes released weekly. Haha.

Now, we are all waiting for season 2 which will be released in December. I heard that will have only 10 episodes. If the info is correct, that means that Alchemy Of Souls gave us a total of 30 episodes and I appreciate the production team for the great job. Haha.

Good to know
I'll look forward to joining you all in experiencing the great team work on that drama 😁

Netflix had always put this up for me to watch but I never for once clicked it as I'm not so into zombie films but this review makes me want to go see it as I feel it's gonna be super interesting as long as teenagers and high school studs are involved.

Hahaha... I never knew I will be captivated by the thrill of watching a zombie film, but as a Kdrama fanboy, I couldn't overlook this.

Thankfully, it turned out so well and I was genuinely impressed with their performance. That did a good job and the zombies were very active and physical in their attacks. Haha

Zombies are always fucking and irritatingly active. Lol

I accidentally watched this drama, All Of Us Are Dead turned out to be very entertaining and fun to watch, especially since I watched it and finished all the episodes in just two days. Very entertaining, and can't wait for a second season.

Hahaha... You saw everything in two days? Wowwwww. That's some record! Haha

The show was a good one and they did an amazing job in it. All the actors did well and the roles were well executed

Yes, I always like watching Korean dramas of this genre in a marathon way so as not to burden my mind. ha ha

Lolz. That's very understandable. Haha. I also binge-watched it with full speed.

Loved this show. Every now and then Netflix really hits it out of the park. I agree that the villain was really good here and there was something endearing about almost all the characters -- like you really wanted as many of them to survive even though you knew it was probably impossible.

Yep. That's the same feeling I have about the show. It was a very exciting one to watch. You just end up loving aa lot of the characters even when it's obvious that any of them can die the next minute. Haha

A good villain always bring us more to a show or movie

Exactly. This dude was a very good example of what a good villain should be in that situation. Haha


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