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To remember will always be to live, as a popular phrase says.
Memories, feed the soul and make it happy, especially when we
evoke days as special as those of childhood.

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Television or cinema, in the form of series or movies, has this power. The magical power to take you back in time and evoke many special moments. When we were little (many, many years ago in my case), there was no color television. There was only black and white.

I remember that my mother used to enforce the imposed schedule to watch comic series. Which were, of course, in black and white. Black and white were the colors that ruled the screen. Black and white made us want to imagine what those other colors in the palette would be like.

Doing your homework was a must if you wanted to watch your favorite series. I had a few or maybe many favorite series. At that time I was not very assiduous to movies, maybe because of my young age, I preferred series according to my age. There was no technology like today.

The only fun was going out to play traditional games with friends and, of course, getting together to watch our favorite series. Below I will tell you a little bit about my favorite series from my childhood, in black and white. Because in black and white, life was also beautiful.


Miss Comet

This series was very special and I loved it for its freshness and candor. Cometa was a very tender and innocent character. What I liked most about her was her affection for the children she babysat for (Takeshi and Koji).

Both of them were very funny and very fond of her. Comet was a teenager who came from space and ended up being their babysitter, almost always turning out to be a disaster in everything she did. Something I liked was her way of being honest, good, and without any malice whatsoever.

All the disasters she committed, were compensated by her good actions and intentions and a positive message at the end of each episode. She owned a beautiful pet named Chibigòn, who was shaped like a dragon and carried a bottle. He almost always came to her call when she and the children got into trouble. The Professor was her mentor, who evaluated her on her actions and I laughed a lot when he failed her and marked some X's on her cheeks hahaha, in my innocence, it was a moment of full laughter. Things of the innocence of that age and those beautiful times.


Space Monsters

This was one of the series I liked too, and even though my mom said it wasn't suitable for girls, I loved it because it was action. It was the typical fight of bad guys against good guys to defend the Earth from the attack of an evil monster called Rodak.

He was facing another one, a yellow-haired robot named Goldar with a boy named Mamoru who was the main character and with whom he befriended. The boy called Goldar and his family (yes, he had a wife and a son) through a whistle. Very adventurous and action-packed,

I loved watching this series in my afternoons after school homework. Rodak was very very ugly in my opinion and Goldar was beautiful with his yellow hair. Goldar's son was identical to Mamoru, only he wore a helmet with antennae and looked very cool.



This was another one of my favorite action movies from the black and white era of television. In it, Ultraman, a fabulous, giant, silver-colored superhero that I thought was cute even though I couldn't see him since it was black and white TV, was fighting huge, dangerous monsters that were attacking the planet.

To come to Earth to defend it, he would join a human body, in this case, one of the boys of the science patrol, who were in charge of preserving the planet from the monsters' attack.

I have always liked fiction and superhero series. In the times of black and white was no exception. I thank the CineTv community for this great contest where we fly to the past and evoke our best TV memories.


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I only know Ultraman (but I only watched it a long time after it was originally released). It's really nice.

Really the black and white time of the series and movies, was something beautiful, perhaps because of the absence of technology, we paid more attention to them and enjoyed them more. I loved making this publication and even more that you liked it. Grateful for your visit and appreciation! You are always welcome! @wiseagent

I didn't have the pleasure of seeing it, but no doubt black and white television was a fundamental part of today's highly professionalized advances. Honor to whom honor is due and as the plasmas sound quite entertaining to watch, those good memories are what make us attached to them and of course, how good and fun to watch they were. Cheers :)