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Everything,Everything is a 2017 America romantic drama film directed by:Stella meghiea and written bu:Goodloe.
The movie is all about a young woman named marry shitter(Steinberg) who has a serious medical condition that prevent her from leaving her home and her neighbor named illy bright who want to help her experience life and they begin falling in love.

!!! Greetings!!!
This is a favorite room, most days she love it because she can imagine the glass falling always like she's outside.
She don't leave the house right in 17years, if she went outside she die. Sorry to sound morose.
Irradiators sterilize her clothes and she own 100 white T-shirts, it's her standard uniform.
The airlock is a sealed room surrounding the front door, it's airtight.
Nothing can leak into the house when the doors open, it's not that she don't want to go outside, she can't, simple virus can kill her,do you know why? It's like she's allergic to everything, what she eat, what she touch, they all have consequences.
She have severe combined immunodeficiency, her immune system sucks. Here is a drawing to explain.
In every drop of blood there are special cells called lymphocytes, some of these lymphocytes are really good at fighting bad guys like viruses and bacteria But she have SCID, which means she have way fewer lymphocytes then normal uh-oh.
And the one's she do have well, they are not so good at fighting.
Now her mom made her join a support group, some of them are really sick, others have a hard time with social interactions, at least she have the internet, she exercise and she read a lot of books, when she's done she write short reviews and she take an architecture class online.
Whenever she makes a new model, she put an astronaut inside but can't relate to him because she feel like an astronaut standard in space.
Everyday feels exactly the same but only one day was different... Hmm guess what? Seeing an handsome name Olly.
Love makes everything complete and complicated that let one know where he or she belongs to.
Produced by: Elysa Dutton and Leslie morgenstein
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