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A very warm greeting to everyone on this platform, it is a privilege for me to be here again because it's been a while in this community and due to school stress I wasn't able to engage well in the community but I think am back and better for good than before. So this evening I will be talking about a movie which I just finished watching this afternoon which is Shang Chi. Before the movie was released, there have been so much talk about the film before it was even released and this made me to anticipate a lot for the movie.


The movie was released this year September after so much wait for it and Simu Liu was the name of the guy who act the role of Shang Chi and the movie started with some set of people moving in a forest in a car and all of a sudden there was the occurrence of moving trees and this makes the car tumble and remaining only one survivor who happens to be the father of Shang chi and also the he headed to know the entrance of a kingdom which is not easy to access by just anyone because the gate do not open every time.


He met a woman who was guiding the gate and they fought but the woman was able to overcome him and later they both fell in love which they now have birth to Shang chi who was trained by his father to be an assassin. He got a younger sister then they were living happily not until Shang chi father put off the ring in his hand to start living his normal life but some people came and killed his wife while he was not around leaving the children for their father to come back and see the deed which they have dine.


Since then, he marked the face of those who came to kill his mother and the father had to put in the ring in his arms to revenge the death of his wife after killing them, he started training his child how to fight but leaving the daughter instead the girl was learning secretly from the training which the father was giving others.


Shang chi was giving a task to go kill someone but he left without coming back which also made his sister leave home also after years which her brother left. Later the father was able to get his children back to him. But what happened next what that the father use to hear a voice in the like of his wife voice saying he should save her not knowing it was another spirit talking to him.

I won't say much or all about the movie but I will allow those guys who are yet to watch it to go and check it out and say their view on the movie.


I think I need to check this out.


I guest I'll need to see this movie, great review by the way.

Yes sure

This is surely my first movie to watch when I get home for the festive Holiday but then I would have love to check this out fr, school stress plus Academics won't permit me Now Lol,

I watched it but by bit before I could finish the movie

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