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I think alot can be said about the current pandemic and what it has achieved in the world today, one of those things is a sharing of stories in the form of film and TV series. Prior to COVID there was a flurry around many block busters being brought out and streaming services battling for our dollars. But once COVID hit it brought many production companies to a stand still. So while the world had to wait in parts to start filming this left a void mid 2020 with many delayed seasons.

Streaming companies had to do something different and one of those things was invest it international films. Something that was already on the rise and working to but COVID advanced it. As some parts of the globe weren't impacted by others and some even has films and series that could be brought to light.


On of those films is Lupin a French film that follows a character whose father worked as a driver for a rich French family and at the centre of it was an expensive necklace. One night the necklace goes missing and the boys father is blamed. Resulting in him being arrested and ultimately meeting his demise.

Prior to passing the wife of the rich family allows the man to take any book from the shelf. The father takes a book called Lupin which is about a gentleman thief. He gives it to his son as a present which then forms his sons upbringing.

The film loosely allures to it at the beginning but not much is given away at the start as our main character plots to steal the necklace which has reappeared 20 years later and is up for auction.


The man now has a son of his own and a man of culture and class but not all is what it seems as we learn more about the pack story. I haven't finished watching this two part series and only have just gotten to the second episode and I have to admit it takes a little getting used to the English dubbing over the French speaking and at times the voices don't seem to fit the characters. But once you get past the initial sound and odd ball voices the characters grow on you and the next thing you know the film is really good.


If you haven't watching the series yet I'd highly recommend it and its great to see another countries film making skills come to life in our own homes. I feel at times we miss out on some really good international films and shows due to language barriers but with current technology and investment to bringing these films to light it is a great time to sit back and enjoy a cultural trip through another nation.

So far I'm really enjoying Lupin it has a bit of Italian job ring to it but with alot more double crossing and a little bit of sophistication. The main characters are really well presented and the acting is great. This isn't one of those crap acting thrown together pieces. The scene at the Luve are divine and as someone whom has only seen it a few times its great to get such a detailed view as it makes up the majority of the first episode. Even a car crashes through one of the glass pyramids.

If you're looking for something to watch, go no further the Lupin, you won't be disappointed!


Thank you for sharing this movie highlights I saw it popped up on my Netflix account and I neglect all because it was not looking interesting facial to me.

Though I have some other movies some series I'm following in my Netflix account which didn't give me the motivation to download LUPIN

but seeing you narrating the highlights of the movie and saying is interesting maybe I will get to download it later and see how the movie.

Thank you.

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I'll be honest, it takes a bit to get into but once you're there it is a really smart, cunning series.

Thank you, I've gotten episode one and two downloaded, once I have the five episodes for part 1 and part 2 downloaded I will start watching it.

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