Siccîn 3: Cürmü Aşk (2016)

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Sometimes you do have some free boring time with nothing to do in hand. At those times I preferred movies but the problem is which one to watch. It eats a lot of my time to select a movie and start watching. Depending on the mood I do select genres but mostly I prefer thriller films. Today I sat to watch a horror film. Yeah, and I have watched that film before today's date. It's my second time watching it. I watched it the second time has a reason that will be disclosed in the end. Hope you will stick around with me…

Siccin is a Turkish horror movie series. I watched all of them a long time ago and watched the 3rd one again today. It's directed by Alper Mestci. And in the lead role there are three people, Büşra Ayaydın and Adnan Koç as a couple and Cem Uslu as Büşra's brother. The movie begins with a scary scene and the story with that happy couple. Adnan as Orhan works at the post of supervisor in his brother-in-law's workplace.

One day Orhan fired a worker how was smoking in the working area which was risky and later he suicide and his wife cursed Orhan very badly. Later we see that Orhan's wife Kader says she is pregnant and needs to go to the doctor in the city with her brother. While journey she and her brother and nephew met in a car accident.

So till everything looks like a normal story, isn't it? Yeah, the whole movie is left to watch, the whole story is left to unfold. Siccin 3 has an English title of "The Forbidden Love", Love in horror genres movie? Yeap that is forbidden! To what extent someone can go for their love is part of the story. Well, if someone doesn’t finish the whole movie, they won't understand the story as what actually happened and that's the ending where the story lies. Throughout the whole movie, the background music was pretty amazing, the surrounding sounds were giving a feel of reality. For the horror part, there were many horror scenes that would shake your heart like mimovie too
This screenshot was taken from the movie and I wasn’t comfortable to use the scary thumbnail of the movie.

Let's come to that part which I mentioned in the beginning. I like this movie not because it's a horror genre movie, I like this one for the beautiful actress and the story. The story was disclosed in the end and throughout the whole movie, I was falling on her eyes. The romantic feeling while watching horror films, hahaha. Damn! She was so beautiful and at the end where the story takes us should not unfold now as I don't want to spoil the fun of the movie by giving the spoilers. So go for it if you prefer horror films to watch. Personally I would like to rate it 7 out of 10 (+1 for the actress, haha)

Btw the Siccin series is pretty scary if you are looking for some horror films but the only problem is the language is in Turkish so you need to depend on the subtitles. I need some suggestions on horror genre films, do drop some names from your list. Thank you for staying with me, happy watching.



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