The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

in CineTVlast month

I haven’t watched any films for a lot of days. Actually, I've been busy with many other things in life. Sometimes it's good to be busy.So today i thought of watching a horror movie, nights with horror movies are much enjoyable. There are a few movies that could make me terrified while watching. So today i was watching "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It" which is directed by Michael Chaves. Actually this one is based on a true story.


The main story was a murder case where Arne Jhonson killed his landlord. Later he claimed that he was possessed by the devil and the devil made him do that. So, many of us watched Conjuring and Conjuring 2. We know about the two Characters Vera Fermiga as Lorraine Warren and Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren. Here in part 3 we also get them to a house where a little boy was possessed and they were helping on an exorcism. During that exorcism the boyfriend of her sister challenged that possessed demon to leave that boy and take him and later the little boy was cured but the problem started to get worse.

The real story from where the movie came from was visualized here with many changes and additions. I just stated how the movie started and there are a lot of the story to go, twists to come, horrifying scenes to enjoy. I don't wanna spread spoilers but I want to tell you that the story was quite good. Well, in my personal opinion the scenes were not so terrifying that it would take away your sleep but the story is built well enough to enjoy. Unfortunately I didn't see too many horror movies but those i have watched couldn’t even terrified me at extreme level so far. I couldn’t figure out what the issue was, hahaha.

People who love to watch horror films or enjoyed the previous Conjuring films should give this one a try. I hope everyone will like it. Well, there was a dialogue made by Ed that,

“The Court accepts the existence of God every time a witness swears to tell the truth. I think it’s about time they accept the existence of the devil.”

Like the true story they were needed to prove the existence of the devil before the court and made Arne not guilty. That's where the story of the whole movie was done. Not so much terrified horrible scenes but still its good enough to enjoy a horror movie with the friends and family. Personally, I don't think this one will serve you the sudden horrified thrills but surely give you a good horror story. So in the end i would like to rate it 7 out of 10. Happy Watching.