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Hi guys, how are you all? Hope you are very well. Friends used to go but time was very happy with youtube suddenly a movie trailer is in front of me movie Telugu movie, and friends Telugu movies are a little different which makes it a different pleasure to watch if the language is hard to understand if there are subtitles so much better Understandably, I was very happy after watching the movie trailer so I decided to watch the movie today and talk about this movie with my friends.

A friend who acted in this movie is one of the best actors in the Telugu industry, he has set the top of acting in the Telugu industry with his performance, his name is Rajnikanth. everyone who watches Bollywood or Telugu movies will know him, there are very few people in the Asia continent who don't know him anyway.


At the beginning of the movie some people are shown being shot, it is not clear who they are, after a few minutes it comes out that they are basically encountering gangster police, they are very violent, so there is a gunfight with them, at one point they are getting shot and there is an angry discussion about the police. No, this discussion means that the police are obstructing. On the other hand, those who are gangsters are very worried about the police department because the head of the police department is the hero in this movie and he is a very brave police officer.

The opening of the movie is great for me because I love Telugu movies so much and Rajinikanth is the hero of this movie, there is no compromise because the movies Rajinikanth acts in are super duper hits and his acting is great and all the movies he has made. It is so great to watch every single one. There are many more great scenes in the movie. This movie is just as beautiful in the beginning as it is in the beginning. From the beginning to the end of the movie, the director has presented his story brilliantly. And how to carry out the proper duties of a police officer has been shown in a very beautiful way.

The movie basically shows an epic battle between gangsters and police officers which the civilians or we may not be able to say but the police officers always face such crimes and how they solve them. From the junior artist to the hero, you will love their performances as they are very realistic and I like this a lot. Gone and the story of this movie that you will like very much. There are twists one after another in this movie full of mystery.

Friends I really like this movie in one word because it has mystery, as well as action as well as twists from beginning to end there will be a tension in you no part of you, will feel bored and at times the director has fleshed out the story so beautifully that I think it's amazing if you have seen Telugu movies then friends I say watch this movie will give you a different feeling.


Lots of twists in there


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