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In my fondest childhood memories is the series The Addams Family which competed in my tastes with The Munster and it would be an injustice to say which one I liked more.

Both series featured characters that in addition to being macabre, stood out for their eccentricity, all within the framework of comedy.

Many years later in the year 2023 a movie of The Munsters directed by Rob Zombie is released, which is practically a prequel to the TV series with good and bad aspects in terms of aesthetics and realization.

Also premiering through Netflix is a series related to The Addams Family called Wednesday, this is the name of the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. Wednesday successfully displaces Stranger Things as the platform's most watched series in a week.

To my great surprise Wednesday is produced by Tim Burton being starred by Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, Gwendoline Christie and Christina Ricci.

The first four episodes directed by Tim Burton show a misfit Wednesday, dark, macabre, mysterious, sinister and with a very black sense of humor. Burton's directing skills and his directing style are evident. The humor is acidic and the staging reminds me of Burton's recent 2006 film Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.


It features touches of Harry Potter and even Carrie. Characters include lycanthropes, mermaids, psychics, vampires, gorgons and of course Thing and Uncle Fester.

Here is the Carrie moment:


Although the series sometimes has moments of teen drama with jealousy, rivalries, insecurities and love triangles, and there's even a very gothic Wednesday-style dancing moment.


After an unfortunate event occurred at her school for defending her brother Pugsley, Wednesday is expelled from her high school and sent to the Academy where her parents studied years ago: Nevermore (an allusion to the famous poem The Raven by Edgard Allan Poe). In this institute there are very peculiar characters, excluded from society for being different.

Wednesday has psychic powers that he must learn to control, being these a means to investigate some dreadful crimes that are occurring in the community where the Nevermore Institute is located. In addition, he must investigate a crime that occurred at the Institute 25 years ago involving his father Gomez.

Wednesday, like a detective, and with the help of Thing, some students, Uncle Fester and occasionally the town sheriff will try to find out who is behind these events.

All this occurs in a supernatural environment, with mysteries to discover, deceptions, deceptions and an excellent musical section courtesy of Danny Elfman.

There is a chapter where Morticia and Gomez appear where Catherine Zeta-Jones demonstrates her good acting work. The director of Nevermore is called Larissa Weens and is an old companion of Morticia Addams, interpreted by Gwendoline Christie in a solvent manner. This director seeks to ensure that the Institute does not disappear by looking after its interests.

Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday at the age of 11 in The Addams Family (1991), and then in Addams Family Values (1993) returns this time playing Marilyn Thornhill, a teacher at Nevermore Academy.

However, the revelation Jenna Ortega keeps the weight of the series on her shoulders, she shines in her role as an excellent casting choice, she is a credible and charismatic interpretation.

Wednesday is a series that is worth watching in a marathon, causing us to watch all its episodes and leaving us with an unsuspected and open ending with a view to a second season.

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