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A topic so close to my heart

Your enthusiasm in this topic is quite evident!

As much beating I got, I never really thought of the teachers any less. In truth, admired many of them despite the beatings. Some of them were really admirable.

We see these beatings are discouraged now and teachers are forbidden from using "bet" anymore. I'm sure you're aware this is not to do any damage to the students young psyche. I wonder whether this makes any significant changes, I've never seen a case where teachers beatings led students go haywire.

True there are some exceptional news where a teacher permanently physically impaired a student. But you know, there are also news where delinquent students cripple or even killed the teacher because of being handed to low grades.

But aren't these extremes cases? And while I acknowledge the possibility, I never seen personally any case of mental disability caused by the beating.

Be that as it may, these beatings should be stopped. Just because it didn't harm me, I don't think students should be punished for not doing well.

And my quarrel is against the educational system, not the teachers. Europe is doing much better now.

I don't think exams are rudimentary. Rather, there should be a gauge to measure personal growth. How many papers published, thesis done and the quality of them — for example. A single exam to evaluate everyone is flawed.


Capital punishment in school largely have stopped. In there are incidences now, they are likely serious. Same with kids at home. Physical punishment towards kids for discipline is a thing of the past, so if that happens now, it is likely seriously bad.

I was talking to @surrealfia about personal growth the other day. She thinks a lot about that.

Europe, especially the nordic countries were successful for a long time using the no homework, no testing model. But I think that system will now fail with the 'integration' of refugees from middle east and northern africa into their society. There are abundant early sign of that.

Dada I disregard capital punishment... although I do agree in some cases it's necessary but at some point I believe that a life wasted away in confinement and solitary is a punishment fair... and regarding physical punishment towards kids, I think you have heard of "মাইরের মধ্যে ভিটামিন আছে" and that was wrong but so is the coddling that kids these days get... I wonder where the balance lie but I'm sure you know more about it and still getting to know more

I am aligned with you. I can't imagine hitting my kids, and certainly the school they to, no one will ever hit them. That said, they do fight among each other and with their friends. As long as that is fun, I have no problem with that. But they are supposed to tell me when things are not fun. I trust my kids with their judgement just like the adults. I treat them like adult and they do the same to me. That is the rule in our household.

that I believe is the best way to treat them. If kids get treated as an adult they will behave as an adult