The Nevers / Shadow and Bone — Two new series I'm watching

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The Nevers / Shadow and Bone

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I've found The Nevers through CineTv, someone shared a review on it a few days earlier. And I knew the existence of Shadow and Bone from before, it is the official adaptation of Leigh bardugo's Young Adult Fantasy book series. Now, while I don't enjoy YA one bit, I'm a sucker for the fantasy genre. So I thought, what do I have to lose anyway?

The reason this post is about both of them is because they both aired around the same time, and they share some similarities. There's a variation of superhero trope in both of these series—the people with special powers aren't cheered on, rather they are feared, a socially secluded hated bunch and people would like to dominate them to oblivion at the first chance they get. Although, powers are mostly military oriented (offense/defense/manipulation) in Shadow and Bone, however, powers (or 'Turn" as the call it in the show) in The Nevers can be quite arbitrary, not even powers in some cases, like speaking lots of foreign languages or being wicked smart. I think The Nevers has done a pretty good job introducing a few new power tropes in the genre.

I have watched 6 episodes of Shadow and Bone and then decided to drop it. This is not what I want to see. I liked the fantasy world it creates but the screenplay is all over the place, and doesn't offer a solid plot. It tries to convince you that racism is bad but then provides almost nothing to demonstrate that point, how exactly it plays out there. The nature of things doesn't have to be identical to ours in imaginary worlds. Being the victim of racism in Shadow and bone's world is like being a nerd person in an extrovert party. The whole political disturbance in the imagined world feels like a sham and hardly intriguing. The general here, who controls the people with power, is a punk like young man, barely in his manhood (and a general!) and has no depth at all. The episodes are laid out in a way that, it would take many reasons to complete the tale. They are likely to be trying to milk it already.
Also I have no intention to see the young protagonist's love triangle.
But you know what, I'm not holding anything against it, it is what it is, a YA show and I'm the one at fault for trying it.


Here's the general by the way!

The Nevers, on the other hand, has a lot going on! Each episode is 60 minutes long and they're are full of events. I've seen only the first three episodes and I'm feeling like they've already showed enough things to make a season. Yet it retains so much mysteries! The production quality, set desings are pretty good too, you feel being in that era.
This is what I look in a TV show, an escape! Fun and enjoyment, and certainly not a borefest.
The show doesn't want to be gimmicky with imposed complexities, yet they come quite naturally along with comedy as the plot is set in Victorian era and some women are kicking arses all over London. Pretty nice choreographs too!


I'm sure there'll be people calling it a feminist show as the protagonist, the villain and some major characters are all women, but the show itself is not actively preaching any ideologies. The way it tackles the story, this inclusion seems pretty natural. That is precisely way to go, in my opinion.

And most importantly, I'm having a good time with it! 😃

Trailer for the Nevers —

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I think that screen writers these days, especially young screen writers who are hired for these series have no desire to write a proper story but rather to pass a political message or view.. it's important that they realize that people come to watch movies as an escape from reality not a reminder of all the issues reality brings. And even if you wanted to write about a social issue..write it with the intention of pointing out what it is, why it is wrong and how we can correct these issues.. Don't just write a story because it sells to a select audience and when it fails come out to say it failed because people don't support your point of view..b

Seems like the kind of series I would love. Added to my list. Thanks for sharing

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No problem, happy watching mate. :)

I was planning to give Shadow and Bone a try first but now I am more interested in The Nevers. Thanks for sharing :')

Oh, don't skip it on my account, do give it a try to see for yourself. :)
And hope you'll enjoy The Nevers.

Shadow and Bone looks interesting, I can enjoy a good fantasy story from time to time and this one looks promising.

It has its perks for sure and they might catch your attention.

I've considered watching The Nevers and you have convinced me that it is worth a try!

You won't regret it! Happy watching, Mel. :)

I love it and can't wait for more! Thanks!

I saw the poster of the Nevers few days ago and It seemed interesting so I'll probably give it a try !

I watched the first episode of shadow and bone and that's true that this is pretty empty, everything is long. I will continue with few episodes to see how it turns but I'm not sure I'm going to like it neither.

Great post !!



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Please God please let them be good

The Nevers I enjoyed much, Shadow and bone not so much.

Ohhh boy oh boy.. First off.. the first time I ever saw a fantasy movie with absolutely no depth and unrealistic representation of issues was when I saw the eternals..(well it was more of a superhero show with elements of fantasy in it)
I discovered that many shows now follow the same trope.. a lot of flashy action and promises of tackling a complex theme but falling apart midway because of the desire to be politically correct or even more often just not understanding deeply the nature and reasons for the themes they try to talk about.. there is several examples of shows and movies that make this mistake.. From Eternals, to umbrella academy, to Lovecraft county..
Shows that promised to explore complex themes buy failed horrible at talking about these themes in their plot and story because they did not fully understand these themes because they probably did not punderstand them...
Imagine being a white man who was born in the suburbs of Australia writing a story about a Yoruba boy who is sold off as a slave during the transatlantic slave trade.. you will oot accurately represent it and if you don't understand the reason why you will fail at it then you will end up making a not so great film.. I hope I make some sense

I do understand that analogy (even though I think the color has nothing to do with knowledge), and I will agree that without understanding the topics they are choosing to make the show more complicated, which falls apart soon.
My biggest complain is when they cannot make things believable.

Absolutely true that...