Winners of the CineTv Contest: Significant TV Shows

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Welcome to CineTv periodic contest

This time around there weren't many submissions. While we expected some more of them, but the ones we had weren't really easy to pick either. Some regular cine authors took part and their writing capabilities cannot be doubted for a second. Even with a small pool to pick from, the selection team had a tough time!

But it is done and I'm here to disclose and bring an end to the last contest on behalf of the CineTv community.

We've selected the winners and they are...

  • 3RD Place — 200 CINE

@wiseagentThe world through the eyes of dinosaurs.

Wiseagent writes about a show with alternate life where the roles of humans and dinosaurs are reversed.

  • 2ND Place — 300 CINE

@jesustianoA weird history of how HIMYM meant something huge for me

Jesustiano's poignant recollections of the show and how it affected his life.

  • 1ST Place — 500 CINE

@dedicatedguyBlack Mirror can be a mind-blowing and thought-provoking series

A detailed and worthwhile review of Black Mirror, laced with an observant personal view.

Congrats! Great entries!

1000 CINE COINS, sponsored by @zayedsakib and @notacinephile have been transferred to the winners.


Although there can be only three winners as announced—a few entries were quite significant that we thought they could also be picked as one of the winning entries. We couldn't just leave them unnoticed.

Special Mentions

@surrealfia - Paranoia Agent (2004)
@buffalobison - The Sopranos

15 HIVE has been transferred to them for their worthy contribution.


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Thank you for participating in the contest and it's been a pleasure reading the entries. :)

A new cinetv contest will be announced soon.

The cover photo is edited in photoshop.

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Congratulations to the winners!!

Oh, what got me was Dexter on the image... just wanted to say that has to be one of my favourites and I have been working on getting The Hubs to watch it just so I can watch it all over again... :D

I love Dexter as well! And tbh, it was one of the few series that got me hooked to TV series in the first place. Before that I only watched movies.

One day I stumbled upon Dexter when it was still in its second season on TV and it felt pretty awesome. Followed the entire thing over the years after that. Hmm, I want to revisit it sometimes as well!

Looks like a very interesting contest, I will be keeping a sharp eye out for this in the future, congrats to the winners

Cool! Hoping to see you in the next one!

Oh man.... Can't believe I missed this.....!
Hope to catch then next one...!

These are great cine and series contest, I invite you to join us :)

Thanks, I will!
I look forward to it!

Me too :)

Hope to see you in the next. And don't forget to check the frontend. :)

Awesome!! I'll do that!

Thank you @notacinephile and @zayedsakib for this great contest and i send you both a big hug <3.

I loved to write it, and I love that you found it interesting and good enought for winning second place, is an honor to participate and I sent my congratulations to the other winners @wiseagent, @dedicatedguy and all the honorable mentions as well: @surrealfia @buffalobison. I found that I already saw all of your series except the one wise agent told us about, so i will proceed to see it in my time off front work, thank you all for this opportunity and see you on cinetv community :D

Your entry was a wonderful, personal and passionate story. Great work!

Thank you :D

It was a great read @jesustiano
Thank you for participating. :)

Thanks :), glad you like it.


You're welcome

Congratulations to the winners! We had some very good entries. I enjoyed reading them all and I'm looking forward to the next edition

Hope to read your entry on the next edition as well :)

Thanks for the prize and congratulations to all the other winners!

Thank you very much, very glad you liked the Black Mirror post! And congrats to @jesustiano and @wiseagent!

Thank you a lot, it was a incredible post, black mirror is perhabts the worse extremes humanity can go. Like a small black compass to teach us WERE NOT TO GO. xD

yeah but there are some cool and positive episodes as well, San Junipero is a good example.

Congrats mate! 😀


Congratulations to all the winners @wiseagent @jesustiano and @dedicatedguy.

Also a big thank you to @zayedsakib and @notacinephile as usual for sponsoring this fun contest.

So many great entries and some very personal ones too that I was not expecting. Great job everyone!

The special mentions was a nice and unexpected touch, I know myself and @surrealfia have big smiles on our faces.

Until the next one... I wonder what it'll be? :)

I guess my entry was a little bit too personal XD, but what if cinema was not inspiring, it would not be cinema at all! Thank you for it and im glad yours got a prize as well, just as im glad @surrealfia also got recogniced by his review <3

I remember starting to watch HIMYM when I was in college.. at the time 5th season was airing... I still sometimes quote from that series... it is also quite personal for me as I was living with a few roommates then and we'd binge on HIMYM during weekends... all good times

It was a great meme generator this series, especially Barney XD

Personal is great and made your entry stand out from the pack in the best way possible.

Oh, well i guess is part of my style :)

Indeed it did... not only it's exciting to write for the contest but also we have some amazing movie lovers/writers

A little too good if you ask me 😀
Sometimes I feel intimidated when I read some, no matter we all have our unique voice and contribute with our differing viewpoints on this great pastime we all enjoy.


Personal experience with the film or the show can often be a post way more relatable and fun to read. It is not discouraged by any means. ;)
I mean, what would be the platform if we cannot speak our hearts out, eh?

Totally agree with that one. I also enjoy those "I don't like this movie and here's why" type postings, refreshing. I see the passion put forth by people and I commend it.

Yep, I enjoy them too. Even when I very much disagree with the post itself.



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thank you thank you so much... it was enthralling to write about Paranoia Agent and congratulations to the winners

I would recomment a list of animes to you if you like, paranoia agent was a cool anime for its time, but it was lackluster compared to other weirder more obscure animes of that same year XD, im sure you would love them if you watch them :) or that you migth have watch them before.

I'll appreciate that... I have only recently started liking anime and started with Ghibli Studio... and I have come across a few great ones

Well, ghibli is already the best you can get from movies, bad pick xD you started with the very best studio :C meaning anime will allways be dissapointing for you from now on.

Ghibli has raised the bar too high I agree... even though they're different, Satoshi Kon's animes are great too

May Satoshi Kon live longer!

His legacy will live on


Do you have your own token?
Do you have a Community Intro post?


Yes, we do, it is CINE token. We have our front end and another one in the making.

And there is the intro post -