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RE: The Nevers / Shadow and Bone — Two new series I'm watching

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Ohhh boy oh boy.. First off.. the first time I ever saw a fantasy movie with absolutely no depth and unrealistic representation of issues was when I saw the eternals..(well it was more of a superhero show with elements of fantasy in it)
I discovered that many shows now follow the same trope.. a lot of flashy action and promises of tackling a complex theme but falling apart midway because of the desire to be politically correct or even more often just not understanding deeply the nature and reasons for the themes they try to talk about.. there is several examples of shows and movies that make this mistake.. From Eternals, to umbrella academy, to Lovecraft county..
Shows that promised to explore complex themes buy failed horrible at talking about these themes in their plot and story because they did not fully understand these themes because they probably did not punderstand them...
Imagine being a white man who was born in the suburbs of Australia writing a story about a Yoruba boy who is sold off as a slave during the transatlantic slave trade.. you will oot accurately represent it and if you don't understand the reason why you will fail at it then you will end up making a not so great film.. I hope I make some sense


I do understand that analogy (even though I think the color has nothing to do with knowledge), and I will agree that without understanding the topics they are choosing to make the show more complicated, which falls apart soon.
My biggest complain is when they cannot make things believable.

Absolutely true that...